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6/08/2017 01:00:00 PM

Annyeonghaseyo! It's officially Summer in most areas in the world right now, but here in New Zealand as well as in Australia, we're currently entering Winter already! ❄️

A few weeks ago, Kenny and I shot 4 looks while sporting basic key pieces showing how we layer for Autumn's cold days. We're both studying in New Zealand, and it's our first time experiencing four seasons, so we took the opportunity to document our first Autumn Lookbook! It doesn't snow in Auckland, but it does get colder towards Winter. We hope this lookbook will also serve as a guide to those who would want to figure out how to pack and layer for colder places while still look good in the process. And in true Asian style, we try to coordinate our ootds as much as we can, lol. 🍂

We're both huge fans of the Japanese retail brand, Uniqlo, so our closets are filled with their items. Uniqlo's our primary destination back in Manila whenever we need anything stylish yet classic as they carry items that are both functional AND a closet staple that's worth the investment. Unfortunately, they're still not yet available here in New Zealand, but hopefully they'll bless us with a store or more soon enough (especially since they have a few stores in Australia already)! Kenny and I miss their products incredibly, especially ones produced for the colder weather. ❄️

Our personal styles aren't too bold or attention-grabbing. We prefer subdued basics that we can mix and match with other key pieces easily. Uniqlo is a great place to get said key pieces without spending too much, which is always a great bonus. 🍁

We hope you'll like our first lookbook together, and we do hope you enjoy watching it! Please give us a thumbs up, leave a comment down below, and subscribe if you want us to make more of these couple lookbooks together! 💖

PS: Though it's not shown or mentioned in the video, Kenny and I both wore Uniqlo's Heattech leggings and long-sleeved innerwear underneath all our shirts and jeans. This helps us stay warmer and cozier especially when there's strong wind.

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