My Boyfriend Does My Makeup + Clean it Zero to the rescue!

5/19/2017 12:37:00 PM

Hi everyone! 💕 I'm back with a new video just in time for my birthday weekend! ✨ I finally convinced my boyfriend, Kenny, to do this with me after the longest time, lol! 😋

We shot this video one late afternoon, thinking that it wouldn't take too long to shoot. But unfortunately, it took longer than we expected, so the sunlight gradually went away. My apologies for the inconsistent lighting. As much as I want to fix it, it’s troublesome to correct 😭

Editing was a challenge, but I managed to trim down the supposed-1 hour session down to half its length. I thought that if I trim any more, I'll be taking away most of the fun bits along with it. So bear with us if it's a little longer than your average My Boyfriend Does My Makeup videos, lol. 😅

Anyhoo! I hope our little video entertains you in any way! Enjoy! 💖

PS: Thumbs up this video if you want me to release our video where I do my boyfriend's makeup, hehe. Kenny won't let me unless there's a great number of thumbs up. 😋👍🏻

PPS: Extremely grateful for Banila Co.'s Clean it Zero for being able to remove my makeup, and help Kenny fix any mistakes during this video! 💖

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