University Girl

4/01/2017 05:41:00 PM

It's been two months since I started studying again. After two years since my finishing my bachelor's degree, it feels funny going back to school. I like it though, even if it feels weird. I'm still amused at how people assume I'm still in high school when I'm actually taking up my postgraduate studies, lol. I wonder how long I can pull that off.

Speaking of still pulling off... I know it's officially Fall season here (while it's Spring everywhere else), but it hasn't quite fully set in yet. There are some days when it's still kind of Summer, while there are some days when the wind is relentlessly cold and unforgiving. On the day Kenny and I shot this though, we were fortunate enough for it to feel like the former. Just to be sure, I wore long sleeves and brought a jacket when it gets a little too cold.

On the same day, I was fortunate enough to chat with a few journalists visiting from Manila. Of course I wanted to look presentable. And, well, like a student, lol. We talked about the differences between studying in New Zealand vs Manila. One of the things I told them was that I'm happy about how schools here are more lenient about the school's dress code (actually, there's really no such thing as a dress code here, I think; we can wear whatever we want, even PJs or onesies). In any case, I know I said a lot of other stuff that I hope would help them.

Nike cap, Jansport backpack, Uniqlo dress and jacket, Vans shoes  |  Photos by Kenny

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