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My family and I love travelling a lot. Last year, we had the privilege of going on a much-needed vacation for two weeks. We were all incredibly excited to finally visit a place we have always dreamed of going to since I was a kid. It still feels so surreal thinking about it now.

I remember how stressed I was preparing for this trip. My mind was spinning like crazy! I was stressing over a lot of things: thinking of what to pack (capsule wardrobe ootd problems), preparing a wonderful but flexible itinerary (that is very much doable by everyone I'm with), triple checking that I have all the equipment I will be needing (camera, extra batteries, memory cards, tripod, etc.), and making sure I finished and prepared the work I'll be leaving behind before I fly out. I could've easily had a mental breakdown, but after taking a step back and taking a deep breath, I managed to do everything in time. I think worrying about possibly getting wrinkles from all the stress jolted me to chilling out.

We had a red-eye flight to our first stop: Seoul, Korea. It's definitely a country I want to go back to. I'm a huge fan of K-culture, so yes, I want to visit Korea so badly. I've never really been here (besides the airport), but I'm still happy to have somehow stepped on Korean soil, lol.

We took a nap for a few hours when we landed, using up most of our long layover here. I kind of regretted napping so long because when I woke up and checked my Snapchat updates, I saw that Girls' Generation was in Incheon International Airport that morning as well, flying out for a concert. By the time I saw the Snapchat update, they left two hours ago. I was kicking myself for missing that, but oh well. It's not like I could have found them in the airport anyways since Incheon has a lot of areas that look similar to each other. I would have probably gotten lost if I tried. And I guess sleep was important too.

Before we boarded our next flight, I asked my dad to take some quick photos of me and my ootd, knowing how I would definitely won't look as fresh as I would have wanted to once we get to our last destination. Where were we going, you ask? Well, I think my outfit is a huge clue, lol.

Stradivarius baret, blazer, and shoes, Sunnies Studios sunnies, Zalora dress, Forever 21 bag and socks  |  Photos by my dad

Location: Incheon International Airport

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