3/07/2017 03:19:00 PM

There was a weekend when the sun was piping hot and the skies were crystal clear. Everyone was out and about enjoying the day at the beach. My family decided to head on over to Mission Bay (realising how a great number of the population in Auckland also thought the same). We enjoyed a great plate of fish and chips at Fish Pot Cafe for a late lunch, and tried the best Swiss ice cream I've tasted to date courtesy of Movenpic. We sat down on the grass in the park across the street from the beach to chill for a while before heading off home. And in my head I was thinking "This is exactly how I like spending my weekends!"

Sunnies Studio sunnies, Mango top, Sesura pinafore, Guess watch, Bershka bag, Converse shoes  |  Photos of me by Kenny

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