Take It Easy

3/14/2017 12:25:00 AM

I appreciate places that have reliable public transportation. I love going on train rides, for long or short trips. I've never really been one for driving a car; I prefer being the passenger in one. My feelings towards driving is reflected on my shirt by my soulmate, Gudetama the lazy egg. I guess that's just me wanting to focus on other things than the road and driving. What's even better is when said reliable public transportation is clean and has a fixed schedule that's accessible for everyone. I wouldn't mind walking, taking a bus, a train, or a ferry to get to where I need to go if everything is easily accessible and safe. It makes me want to go out of the house more and see different places.

Take It Easy
Uniqlo shirt and denim jacket, Forever 21 bag, Adidas shoes  |  Photos by Kenny

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