Night Lights

3/26/2017 10:23:00 PM

There are nights when we have to wait for the next train ride to arrive at the station on the way home from the big city. On one of those nights, after my family and I had dinner with a friend, Kenny and I decided to explore the area nearby for a little bit before the train arrived. It felt serendipitous when we found this place lined with lights twinkling overhead. It felt even more magical when the sun had already set and the night sky was getting darker in just a few minutes for us to squeeze in these photos during dusk. I usually ask Kenny to stand in frame for me while I set up the camera. But the place looked so amazing that I took some photos of Kenny as well. Looking at the photos now, I feel like a character in a Hayao Miyazaki film. 

Night Lights
On Kenny: H&M polo, Uniqlo cardigan and pants, Timberland shoes ; On Sephie: Sesura coat, YesStyle top and skirt, Forever 21 socks and bag, Converse shoes  |  Photos of me by Kenny

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