Couple Style: Twinning in Stripes

2/14/2017 01:45:00 PM


Yes, we have become that kind of couple who loves coordinating our outfits together when we go out sometimes. Ever since I got Kenny hooked into the wonderful world of K-pop (we're Onces, Sones, Blinks, and Red Velvet fans, and I'm slowly getting him into the Shawol fandom too, ㅋㅋㅋ), he's been more keen into playing the whole matchy-matchy dress up game with me, yay! That, and I finally convinced him to buy a striped top as I own a bunch of those myself, lol.

We took these photos back in December when we had our holidate. Unfortunately, I didn't get to squeeze in a post due to the rush we were all going through back then. Preparing for a big move is very time-consuming, and if you follow me on SNS, you'd know what I mean.

In any case! I'm definitely sure this twinning thing isn't going away any time soon. Sticking with a closet staple like a neutral striped top is a good start. We're definitely going to be matchy-matchy more often, heehee~

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you all feel loved! ♥︎

On Sephie: Uniqlo top, YesStyle skirt, Vans shoes  |  On Kenny: Uniqlo top and pants, Vans shoes  |  Photos by both of us

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