Old School

12/30/2016 03:37:00 AM

Here's a quick post of this outfit that Den-den assisted me in capturing a few weeks ago. 

Sunny came back from the land Down Under for the holidays and my high school circle of friends decided to take this chance to hang out at her place over some video games, movies, chit chat, and fast food. We originally thought of going to the mall, but with the holiday traffic on top of the usual insanity on the roads, we all chose to stay in and chill instead.

I'm trying to experiment in my style of photography whenever I have the chance. Since I rarely take outfit photos indoors, I took this opportunity to try flash photography. I honestly am satisfied with how the photos look. I think this won't be the last I'll be doing something like this, lol.

Cotton On jacket, Uniqlo jeans, Adidas sneakers  |  Photos by Den-den

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