11/14/2016 03:39:00 AM

I always wondered what it was like to have pastel ombre hair. It was (still is?) a big trend over the summer, but I never really jumped into it even back then. I could just imagine how much it would cost me for the up-keep *head spins* @_@ My curiosity just got to me, so I decided to try it out over the halloween weekend. I'm pleasantly surprised to feel just like a unicorn, lol!

I also discovered that it's not easy to keep my hair color in mind whenever I pick an outfit. With my sticking to my safe browns and reddish brown hair colors, it doesn't occur to me often that my hair color should be considered greatly with whatever color palette my outfit will be. Will the color of this sweater compliment my hair? Will the color of these pants match my hair color? If I have blonde hair, does that mean I can't wear a yellow shirt so as not to risk looking like a pineapple? 

So many things to consider, perhaps that's why I choose to stick to my safe browns. Although once in a while, I do like experiencing what it's like to be a unicorn, lol.

Stradivarius beanie, Forever 21 jacket, Bershka bag, Adidas sneakers  |  Photos by Kenny

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