Tote Life

10/14/2016 04:17:00 AM

Back in my college days, I survived with my old Domo-kun tote bag that was both roomy and adorable. Now that I'm considered a working girl, I had to hang Domo-kun up and move on with a more age-appropriate accessory (I still love you, Domo-kun!). Thankfully, I got this tote bag from Kenny, whose aunt DIY-ed it for us. I love how roomy it is! I could practically fit an extra set of clothes in it, lol! We were thinking about what design it should have, but in the end, we decided to leave it blank. I guess the design could be chosen later on?

Any fan of We Bare Bears will feel familiarity to this post's title. I love, love, LOVE that show! I wish there'll be a season 3 because I really felt that season 2 was too short, lol. The episode where they got into the Tote lifein season 1 is one of my faves, mainly because when the bears get addicted to something, their level of cuteness just skyrockets. Who knew tote bags can be addicting? Hopefully, I won't get addicted to the Tote life, lol.

Happymallow sweater, Uniqlo pants, Adidas sneakers, DIY tote, Banila Co.XIphoria lip lacquer "Autumn Pink"  |  Photos by Kenny

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