Self-Portraits: Caramel

9/19/2016 01:43:00 AM

It's been exactly a year since these photos were taken, and I totally forgot about them till I browsed through my folders recently, lol! Took these self-portraits on a whim while only thinking about one color palette: Caramel. It's one of my favorite flavors (strawberry will always be my top, then mint chocolate). Although I don't indulge in it as often as I used to when I was a lot younger, I love it oozing out of milk chocolate bars and on top of whipped cream. Unfortunately, its intense sweetness is sometimes too much for me to handle without the risk of damaging my throat and teeth in the process. But I simply cannot resist drizzling some caramel syrup on my chosen dessert from time to time. Everything in moderation as they say.

I kinda miss doing these kinds of shoots. Thinking if I should do them again soon.

Forever 21 cardigan, rings and headband, Banila Co. makeup

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