Autumn Light

9/27/2016 02:47:00 PM

Fall is finally here! Though Manila isn't a place that experiences these specific climate and weather changes, we still appreciate F/W fashion every now and then. Adjusting to F/W clothes is something I enjoy doing every year. There's just something about Spring and Fall that makes me love them so much more than the extremities that Summer and Winter have to offer. Perhaps the transitioning of color palettes and fit of key pieces called for in Spring and Fall adds to their appeal.

In Manila though, we can never wear nice pea coats or trenches without risking judging stares from everyone around (not to mention the puddles of sweat produced when one faces such an ordeal here). But transitioning our perpetual Summer items into Fall-appropriate looks isn't all that hard as one would assume. Case in point: this outfit I'm wearing here. All I had to keep in mind is the color palette, the cut and fit of the clothes, and enjoying the light layering since this is the second time in the year (first time is Spring, second time is Autumn) that we can make the most of layers without overdoing or under-doing it.

My point item is definitely the burnt orange vest that reflects the common color palette of Autumn. Nature, like fallen leaves, are always a beautiful source of inspiration. I matched it with my dark Uniqlo striped jogger pants to contrast, and used a neutral color (in this case, white) to balance everything out for a clean and chic look. With the temperamental weather Manila has, this combo is perfect for indoor-outdoor events this season.

Sesura vest, Happymallow top, Bershka bag, Uniqlo pants, S&H sandals, Banila Co. Kissest Lip Lacquer Tinted Fit in "Jihyo Pink"  |  Photos of me by Kenny

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