Playground Love

8/18/2016 01:00:00 PM

The innocence of love can be compared to how pure the love of a child can be. In a way, Kenny and I have moments when we can be either childish or child-like in our relationship. We can be annoying (childish), and it can be endearing (child-like). But that's how love is, am I right? We just have to have fun and enjoy the ride~ 

Took these photos a few months back before our 5th anniversary at our neighborhood park. We literally had to be amongst children as we tried our best to time our shots when the kids were not gonna be in the shot. With kids being kids, not having a care in the world what they do or who they disturb, it took longer than we hoped for us to gather as many decent photos as we wanted without any photobombers seen in the frame.

By the time we finished, the sun had practically set already. Funny thing though, we went home before the kids did. Guess it couldn't be helped? Glad that we were able to get these shots done though! Perhaps we should schedule our next shoot at the park on an earlier time before all the kiddies drop by, lol.

Happy 18th my love~!!


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