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Anyone who's anyone has heard of Pokemon (unless you live under a rock, I guess). And anyone who's exposed to pop culture knows that Pokemon Go has been officially launched in Asia a few weeks back. I know a lot of titos and titas, parents and kids, corporate owners, blue collar workers, businessmen, students, government employees, etc. playing the app regardless if they know who the hell they're catching or not, lol. Dratini in the board room, anyone? It's actually really endearing and heartwarming to see people play the game everywhere I go. Just be sure you're aware of your surroundings (i.e: don't just stop all of a sudden or you'll get bumped or hit by the person or car tailing you, and/or don't play while walking in places you can get your phone snatched from you).

I have to admit, mobile app games kinda reached its peak back in 2012 with the likes of Plants vs Zombies, Fruit Ninja, Cooking Mama, Unblock Me, Dots, LINE Play, Candy Crush, Angry Birds and even Flappy Bird. I'm glad that 2016 has Pokemon Go to offer. I've been neglecting my social media ever since it launched in the Philippines. In all honesty, I didn't even care that much at all that I just keep posting things as I please without a care in the world on how much interactivity it can garner (because having fun and sharing the fun is the reward itself), lol. Maybe that's why I felt the connection towards Team Instinct?

Apparently, once you reach level 5 in the game and you tap on a gym, Professor Willow will automatically give you an ultimatum for you to pick which team you'll want to join: Valor, Mystic, or Instinct. Having totally forgotten about this piece of tidbit, I accidentally pushed myself into the frontline, forcing myself to finally decide which team I'd finally join. Yes, it took me a few google searches to finally make a decision. But I gotta day, I felt a spark with Spark, lol.

No regrets, just love though! I love Team Instinct. I love how it looks on my profile (I saw Valor's and Mystic's insignias and I preferred Instinct's, still), and I love seeing Spark's face whenever he appraises my pokemon, lololol. With that, I ended up buying a hoodie with Team Instincts symbol on it. Pretty apt since it's already the height of the rainy season here in Manila. It keeps me cozy in the office on the daily too. Plus points with it being yellow since I knew I needed more yellow pieces of clothing in my closet. So if ever I'm absent from posting anything, I'm most likely catching Pokemon somewhere, lol! hoodie, 17Club skirt, Vans shoes, Banila Co. Two Kisses Dual Tint 04 Bride Coral on lips  |  Photos by Kenny

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