8/16/2016 02:29:00 AM

I finally own a delicate top in plain black! It's a wonder how I never got to notice how I've been missing something like this in my closet till recently. Blacks in my closet are mostly made up of comic tees, graphic tops, sweaters, etc. I'm really glad that I can welcome this little addition to my closet now. 

Cold-shoulders may be a summer thing that was a trend months ago, but I think if it comes in dark colors, they can still be pulled off during the current transitional season where it's not quite summer but not quite fall just yet. I'm still getting used to exposing my bare shoulders as I'm not one to like exposing too much skin when going out. I'm slowly getting into this though. Better late than never, I guess? I'll probably wear jeans with it on another occasion, lol. 

Happymallow top, Yhansy choker, SM Accessories bag, Swatch watch (Kenny's), Vans shoes, Banila Co. Kissest Lip Lacquer "Jihyo Pink" on lips  |  Photos by Kenny

PS: Apologies for the lack of updates. I'm currently Pokemon hunting as Pokemon Go was finally released in our country 2 weeks ago (as of writing this). If you noticed, I totally gave up trying to curate my Instagram feed. Oddly enough, it feels refreshing to not be tied down by social media and what others think about what I do. I just didn't expect that Pokemon Go was the one who will help me realize such a thing, lol! BRB, catching Pokemon~

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