Banila Co. The Kissest Lip Lacquers Review

8/17/2016 03:45:00 PM

Lip color speaks volumes now. It's the latest accessory that could either make or break your outfit. Your lip color needs to amplify your appeal depending on what you want to achieve. I had the chance to test drive these lovely items from Banila Co. for a few weeks now, and I've developed a love for a few of them already! For today, I would love to share with you how these lacquers could look when worn.

One trouble I have whenever I buy lippies is not knowing how accurate their color payoff is when I wear them. I struggle for a long time when trying to check each lip product on the shelves trying to imagine them on me. Testers are always provided, of course. But they're not a hygienic option for us to have (probably only when swatched on your arms or hands, but we all know that's not really as accurate most of the time). If only I can swab the lip color onto my lips so I know how it could look on me (and I have seen some people who literally do this without hesitation, um, ew).

Lip colors aren't always as accurate as how they're presented. I know people who experience hit or misses when the lip color swatched on their hand is different from the color swatched on their lips, and everyone knows how frustrating that can be. Fortunately for me, when I tried these for the first time, I was pleased with how they turned out! 

Please do keep in mind that though they look the way they do on me, each and every one of us have different lip undertones as much as we have different skin tones. The description and look presented in this post may yield different results on others. I wore a white button down shirt dress for this swatching session taken in our office under fluorescent lighting so my lip color can do all the talking. These shades may be different under other lighting situations as well.

Without further ado, let's get this thing started!

Banila Co. has two categories in their Kissest Lip Lacquer collection: Tinted Fit and Satin Fit. I was able to try out 3 out of 4 shades of the Satin Fit, and 5 out of 8 Tinted Fit lacquers. I'm curious as to how the other shades look though, unfortunately they weren't available. 

Tinted Fit lacquers are more on the glossy side of the spectrum. They feel light on my lips and I don't need to apply lip balm to my lips before using them. They're moisturizing enough for me, although if you have dry lips, it's still safe to apply lip balm first. The color pay-off is indeed, very pigmented. Although they might not stand the test of time as they do rub off when you eat really oily food. If you really want their color to be popping, you need to retouch. They do give a nice natural faded trace of tint on your lips afterwards. If you're patient enough, since they are kinda build-able, you can achieve the gradient lip effect with them!

Satin Fit lacquers are more on the demi-matte side of the rainbow. Because they are more matte, they have an even stronger color pay-off than the Tinted fit and last longer. Keep in mind that you absolutely need to make sure you moisturize beforehand and/or exfoliate your lips otherwise flaking can be more noticeable. I wouldn't use them for a gradient lip though as they can be difficult to use to achieve that kind of look. I personally think they look better on a full lip though!

For more detailed information, you can check out Banila Co's product analysis here.

Swatched them on my arm as well to see the difference.

Bare lips, just wearing a layer of lip balm.

I like how they look similar to how they are on my arm as they are on my lips. I really hate it when the shades are so far-off from each other when I wear them than when I get to swatch them on my arm because it's frustrating to be misled. Thankful that these weren't like that!

Satin Fit "Beige Fatale"

Tinted Fit "Jihyo Pink"

I have to be honest. I am in LOVE with these two shades. If you follow me on Snapchat (@justsephierojas), you've seen me sport these two more than once. My skin tone is a fruit salad of multiple shades. I'm partly yellow undertone with a hint of pink tints, so some lippie shades can be tricky for me to sport (I know I can't sport berries and unique quirky shades) which some of my friends can rock on the daily so effortlessly. This is why I lean more towards shades that have a warmer undertone most of the time. But if I'm lucky, I get to find cooler undertones that fit me well enough (it'll just depend on what I'm wearing).

Beige Fatale has got to be my ultimate fave MLBB shade. I'd wear this to the grocery, to church, to work, on lazy days, etc. just to add a bit of natural life to my lips. It's got a nude-ish look but with a peachy undertone that doesn't drown me out and make me look sickly. It's just the way I like it. You can check out how it perfectly matched my outfit here.

Jihyo Pink is my favorite shade out of all the 8 shades I swatched. So much so that I've worn it to a couple of my ootds (here, here, and here) and a lot on my Snapchat as well. Although they call it pink, I think it's more on the coral side. In the photo here it registers more pink though. But in my ootds, its orange side pops more for me. I think it's perfect for the Girl Next Door look.

Tinted Fit "Coral Coral"

Tinted Fit "Lovely Pink"

Coral Coral is like a darker version of Jihyo Pink imo. I like how it could be used to transition from day to night coming from Jihyo Pink. It's more pink than orange on me though. But I like how it's a nice pink-ish coral shade to offset the yellowness of my skin tone.

Lovely Pink is literally as lovely as its name. It's got more of a blue undertone as compared to Coral Coral. I tried it as a gradient lip and it was really pretty, like I kissed a pink tulip petal, perfect for that feminine appeal. It may be tricky to pair with those with pale or darker skin tone, but it's a nice everyday pink tint when subtly tapped on the lips.

Tinted Fit "Pure Sunset"

Tinted Fit "Sunny Rose"

Pure Sunset has a cooler undertone than Sunny Rose which is more on the warmer side. I'm not really into the dark lips tbh, but I think they look really good if you want to wear something in between striking and subtle for everyday in the office.

With my skin's undertone though, I think Sunny Rose looks better on me. I could imagine myself wearing it with a white polo and blue jeans with black flats for an off-duty look. I might wear Pure Sunset with a black chiffon dress for a beach sunset session and the like for an added romantic and feminine look.

Satin Fit "Instense Scarlet"

Satin Fit "Red to Kill"

Last but not the least! It's been said that every girl should have at least one red lip product in her arsenal of colors, and I firmly believe that as well! Between the two red shades in this set, Intense Scarlet has a more brick red feel with a warm undertone. On the flip side, Red to Kill lives up to its name as it is, indeed, a shade of red that can kill. I can imagine someone like SuperGirl wearing Intense Scarlet on a dinner date after work, but slapping on Red to Kill when she gets called to save the world from evil for a more Femme Fatale feel, lol.

Over all, these lip lacquers are pretty rad, based on their pigmentation and application. I like how their tinted enough but not too long-lasting that I can't take them off later in the day. I do appreciate that I might need to reapply them after eating at some point in the day, because if lip products (as with any makeup) have a short shelf life, I appreciate being able to hit pan and empty them than reaching the expiration date without even being able to finish what I bought. They might be a little pricer than other lacquers (they're around Php675.00), but I'm seriously impressed by Jihyo Pink, Beige Fatale, and Sunny Rose to think of investing in them.

There you have it! I hope this swatching session helps you find a nice lippie shade to look for next time you go hunting. One does not simply own a couple of colors of lip products as I might say. The more the merrier, lol!

Saw something you like? Then you're in luck! Banila Co's having a huge sale this coming August 19-21! Check them out because your favorites (yes, even these lip lacquers) are on SALE! Get up to 40% off on your items at their Beauty Blowout! See you there!

Don't forget to follow Banila Co. over at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (banilacoph), and their website for the latest updates on all things K-Beauty! Enjoy!

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