Why You Should Stock Up On Button-down Shirts

7/04/2016 07:43:00 PM

Button-downs are something I'm trying to get my hands on as of late. I know they're always listed under "Must-haves in your closet", but I've truly appreciated their worth only recently. They instantly add a little class and sophistication to your outfit without much effort. Carolina Herrera loves her white button-down so much, it's pretty much her uniform. Unfortunately, it can look a bit formal. I guess that's why it's normally associated with meetings and corporate stuff. That may have something to do with the kind of cut and material used for the design. But it doesn't have to be limited to the work place alone.

You can take them out of the office and wear them during casual days. Wearing them to the beach as a cover-up, or wearing them with denim/white shorts instantly gives your outfit a balance from "I didn't even try to make an effort" to "Effortlessly chic". Match them with simple accessories and voila! It saves you from excessorizing and over-dressing for the day but will make you look polished and well-dressed in the process.

I wore a button-down shirt dress (it's pretty long since I'm vertically challenged, lol) and tucked it in the front of my denim shorts with my shorts' hem rolled up a bit (not too short, though). Paired off the blues with a bit of warmth by slapping a wonderful peachy-orange lipstick and slinging my trusty caramel bag over my shoulders that seems to be a match made in heaven with my white sneakers. Perfect for a casual movie date with my boyfriend (we watched Finding Dory; it was all kinds of wonderful~) *heart eyes*

Stradivarius top and sneakers, Forever 21 bag, Pazzo shorts, Sleek Makeup Lip VIP "Guest List" on lips  |  Photos by Kenny


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