Under My Umbrella

7/24/2016 02:00:00 PM

In Metro Manila, we only have 2 seasons: Rain or Shine. Summer can come as early as the last week of March and can last till the first half of May. Rainy season (technically) begins on the latter half of May, accelerates by June and July, and trickles down to a minimum by October or November. From December to February, it's transition season for us; either it's still hot, or it's getting cold enough to be able to layer.

With the month of July half way done, the skies are at their peak of bipolarity. One moment it's sunny, the next second, it starts pouring rain. With Global warming, the weather's even more unpredictable than ever! So it's best to always have an umbrella in your bag ready for use. I honestly don't understand why some people like getting their feet wet by the rain. I see a lot of people wearing open sandals walking in puddles around the city. Personally, I prefer wearing closed footwear like slip-ons. Yes, they'll inevitably get wet, but I feel like I'd rather not let my feet have direct contact with the possibly dirty water/rain while I can.

In any case, the weather can get rather chilly when it rains. But with the chill sometimes comes the humidity (especially when the rain didn't bring cold winds). Wearing a vest over your long sleeved dresses can give you the option to cover up without feeling too hot. Plus points since it'll help you look chic without compromising comfort! I got this lovely burnt orange vest over at Sesura to help give a little oomph to my otherwise subdued monochromatic ootd. If this comes in other colors, I'd love to get my hands on them, lol.

PS: Kenny and I actually took this set of photos while it was raining. Funny how the rain was fine enough to not be too noticeable in the photos. It was a struggle for Kenny to shoot while holding an umbrella and with me trying to not get wet as well. But we're pretty much satisfied with how the photos turned out. Not sure if we'll ever do this type of shoot again though. We both got sick the day after we took these photos, lol.

Banila Co. The Kissest Lip Lacquer Tinted Fit "Jihyo Pink" on lips, Yhansy choker, Sesura vest, Uniqlo dress, Vans shoes  |  Photos by Kenny

PPS: Rainy day songs I mentioned and recommend listening to:
"Rain" - Taeyeon
"Umbrella" - Rihanna ft. Jay-Z
"Singing in the Rain" - Gene Kelly

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