Travel Diaries: Phuket 2015 Sunset Sky Painting

7/27/2016 02:41:00 PM

It's almost the end of July 2016 (as of writing this) and I'm having major vacation envy with people over at the other side of the Pacific, enjoying summer and some well deserved R&R by the beach. I'm normally the let's-stay-indoors kind of person, not really favoring the summer heat and getting a tan (since the Philippines never gets a break from those anyways) and would thrive in the cold instead. But after I realized when I went through my blog that I didn't get to finish sharing my Phuket vacation with the fam bam back in May 2015. I figured I should blog about it somehow; better late than never, right?

While it's bipolar weather here in Manila, my mind's happily sipping on a refreshment by the pool while waiting for the sun to set over the beach.

On the day these were taken, I remember my family and I deciding to continue chilling in the resort (since it's kinda pricey to take a taxi to the city, so we rarely do that unless we need to). We enjoyed a nice snack by the patisserie near the main pool that afternoon. We decided to have happy hour again (this time by the main pool) till it was time for my brother to milk what we could when the sun was setting over the waters across us. Sunsets by the beach are everything! I literally took dozens of photos while chasing the sunset here, lol!

We headed back to our rooms to call it a night after we tried taking photos by the pond that was lit by torches (albeit unsuccessfully). With the lack of a remote and a tripod, it was a bit futile. I'm thinking of practicing to take night photos, but that's gonna take a while before I master it. Baby steps, for sure! I live for vacations like this though. No fuss, no stress. Literally relaxing and staying worry-free the entire time. Makes me wish I could have the luxury of enjoying something like it again soon. 

In any case, my Phuket 2015 Travel Diaries will take up most of my blog in the next few weeks, but I will do my best to update other posts in between. Probably a skincare routine, makeup (product) review, and of course my ootds. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this post!

PS: Have you been to Phuket? I'd love to hear what you think!

Sunnies Studios sunnies, Forever 21 hat and sweater, Vintage shorts, Stradivarius bag, SM Parisian sandals  |  Photos of me by my brother

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