Self-Portraits: Smokey

7/21/2016 03:24:00 PM

A little throwback post to when I shot these photos for work last year. I had the liberty to experiment using two of the three eye shadow palettes Banila Co. had for F/W15. I used the Fall in Seoul Garosu Feminine eye shadow palette for this set of photos (as well as this set). And for this one, I used some of the colors found the Garosu Feminine palette along with the Hongdae Funky eye shadow palette for a more smokey look.

I'm not one to wear smokey eyes at all (if ever) since I never really knew how one can do the whole smokey look that's as on point as Kendall Jenner's or Gigi Hadid's. And I don't really feel comfortable experimenting on something as complicatedly easy as a smokey look or I'd end up looking like a punch drunk panda. But it's safe to say that this was my first attempt that actually looked decent enough to shoot. All I can say is, blending and buffing is no joke, lol!

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