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7/13/2016 07:50:00 PM

These past few weeks, I've been really into blues and whites. Almost kinda (subconsciously) obsessed with it, actually. I didn't notice this till I saw on my Instagram that the past few ootds I've managed to document were with me sporting the same color combination. I had to pace myself and rearrange my posts so as not to make it look like I only own whites and blues in my closet (though thinking about it now, they do occupy a big part of it). It doesn't help either that it's such a classic combination that very rarely goes wrong. I guess I've missed the clear skies so much that I've managed to channel them through my clothes, lol. Temperamental rainy season is a bummer.

Speaking of temperamental weather, I get really annoyed whenever the weather changes all of a sudden and I wasn't prepared to face it. Thank God for shirt dresses. With my petite height, it's not that difficult to find shirt dresses that are long enough for me to wear that doesn't look like I literally forgot to wear pants out. I wouldn't wanna have a Walk of Shame experience in any case. (Septa Unella following me around saying "Shame... *cling* Shame... *cling* Shame... *cling*" is not something I'd enjoy.) Shirt dresses are breezy enough to help you feel fresh, but long enough for you to feel comfy. Plus points for a bit of formality if they're polo shirts. If you're gifted with the extra height, these shirt dresses will look more relaxed ala boyfriend shirts that you can pair with shorts or jeans instead (which is totally cool). Even more brownie points since they're not sleeveless. You don't need to worry about waxing/shaving your pits at all, lol!

Kimberley Eyewear glasses (via Zalora), Stradivarius shirt dress, bag and sneakers, Forever 21 jacket, Banila Co. The Kissest Lip Lacquer Tinted Fit "Jihyo Pink" on lips  |  Photos by Kenny

PS: I've been looking at some of my older photos back in university days and I'm determined to grow my hair long again. In the meantime, trying to style my short-to-medium hair has been quite a challenge. I tried to braid my hair once at work and my neck ached for the rest of the day. I think I need to watch more Youtube tutorials if I'm gonna survive this, lol.

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