7/11/2016 12:01:00 AM

The strangest thing happened to me with regards to this set of photos. I know I copied them to my laptop for post-processing because I even emailed some of the photos to myself so I can have copies of the files on my phone. I was so sure about my having a copy of them on my laptop that I decided to delete the photos from my memory card for future use. But when I checked my laptop this morning, none of these photos were there! I was trying not to panic, backtracking if ever I did copy the files from the memory card to my laptop knowing fully well that I had a copy of select photos on my phone. But when I checked everything again, I don't have a single photo here... It's like one day my photos just decided to *poof!* disappear like a ghost. I feel bitter-sweet about it since on one side, at least I still have some files on my phone. But on the other, I really am sure that I copied the photos to my laptop...

In any case, I'm just glad that I had a select few of these photos on my phone. So here are the very few who managed to survive the sudden unexplainable disappearance.

It was the first time Kenny and I took my ootd photos at night. I didn't get to bring my tripod (plus it was a hassle to have to set it up just for ootds in a public area), and with the shutter speed setting at an all time low (to let more light in), I was banking on Kenny's firm grip and balance to not shake like a leaf enough to get a stable shot of me under low light conditions. I'm really glad it all worked out well, on account of when we took these photos, it wasn't just the challenge of low light conditions in the evening without a tripod. It was raining quite a lot that we had to move back a few times because the wind was blowing the rain at us and into puddles, lol. So much effort in capturing the moment. Totally worth it though!

Verano choker, Baleno shirt, Vans sneaker, Sleak MakeUp VIP Semi-Matte Lipstick "Guest List"  |  Photos by Kenny

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