Denim Jumper Dress

7/08/2016 03:34:00 PM

Denim? Check. White Polo? Check. White Sneakers? Check. This is pretty much the basic formula on how to dress as effortlessly stylish as how the Koreans do it. I've been observing #kstyle on Instagram lately and it's safe to say that they inspire how I choose to dress these days. I actually got this dress a few months back (before the whole denim jumper dress trend launched full speed ahead), but I only got to wear it out recently. One of my nearest and dearest childhood friends (Sunny, who I've been friends with since we were in the 6th grade) is moving to Australia for the next couple of years to take up her Masters. And after scrounging up our care package filled with love, we had a wonderful LoL-filled lunch in a Korean place nearby (in true LoL fashion). I think I subconsciously wanted to dress along with the theme, lol.

I was pleasantly surprised that my friends liked my outfit. They said that the frills on the bottom of the dress made it look extra cute without going overboard. I gotta say that was pretty much the reason why I got this dress in the first place. In true Korean style, you can look good with a bit of added oomph without trying so hard. Basics are everything!

After lunch, Sunny and Den-den bought some milk tea before we left the mall for Sunny's house. The rain pretty much poured while we were having lunch (like rain storm pouring). Thankfully it trickled down to a drizzle when we were taking photos. It isn't noticeable in the photos, but the sky wasn't as bright as it could be at 3 in the afternoon. Den-den and I had to hustle these photos before the others finished going around the mall's area to pick us up (lol, blogger duties).

It was a fun-filled time I'm sure I'll never forget. We played card games that literally pitted us against each other for fun, and it was amusing to see the other sides of people that only gets brought out by a simple card/board game, lol. My Ravenclaw instincts manifested for sure (coincidentally I was wearing my house color). That, or I've been watching too much Game of Thrones (lol, like there's such a thing as too much GoT) to know well enough how to play the game to survive. I'm sure it'll be a while till we get to have this much fun with each other again. But I'm honestly looking forward to that, hopefully soon. I'll see you soon, Sunny! Have fun Down Under~!!

Not my drink, lol.
Holding it for Den-den as she took my photos for me.
Forever 21 button-down and bag, Sesura dress,  Stradivarius sneakers, Banila Co. The Kissest Lip Lacquer Tinted Fit "Jihyo Pink" on lips  |  Photos by Den-den

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