7/18/2016 02:30:00 PM

On the afternoon when Kenny and I shot this set of photos, the sky was literally half-and-half. It was like I was playing Mario Kart with someone with our screen split in two. To my left, the sun was baring down some light as it was setting, while to my right, we could hear thunder clapping behind some semi-dark clouds. On top of that, the battery on my camera was blinking red, and we barely had time to tinker and experiment with it as it was the first time Kenny was able to handle our new camera. You could imagine our panic at this set-up. 

Fortunately for us, we were able to finish taking photos before the rain started to pour (and before the battery went completely dead). Mission accomplished!

I've had this dress for a while now, and it's honestly one of my favorites to wear to work. It's a triple threat on my book: it's a shift dress, has pockets, and it comes in pink! What more can I ask for? Lol. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older now that I tend to gear towards comfy loose clothes even more than I used to. Either way, I'm game! I just wish I knew more about the brand I got it from. All I know is that Mayuki is a brand from Taiwan, and that they're fortunately available over at Zalora. Check out their page over at the K-style tab of the website! If you guys know anything about this brand, please do let me know. Their clothes are pretty rad!

On another note: It's been a long time since I whipped out these heels. I actually got them for my cousin's wedding last year, and ever since then, they've just been kept in their box so as not to get dirty. Deciding that this shift dress (that I normally wear flats with to the office) needed a little bit of a boost, I managed to wear the heels for this particular ootd. Albeit I had to hold onto Kenny to walk around in it, I think they managed to give this ootd a little class, don't you think? Perfect for lunch, a meeting, or even church.

PS: I seriously need to practice walking in heels again. I barely managed to walk in these. But they're pretty comfy, in all fairness. I just really need practice.

I'm not one to wear these kinds of fancy things (I'd like to think I'm a simple gal), but when Kenny gave me a Pandora bracelet with a bunny charm on it for my birthday, I couldn't not wear it at least once in a while. I love it to bits!! So much so that I'm desperate to keep it as pristine and immaculately clean as much as possible, lol! Also, I'm dying to get a bear charm, and those Disney charms they recently released. Some day soon, for sure!

Mayuki (via Zalora) dress, Bershka bag, Charles & Keith heels, Disney watch, Pandora bracelet, Banila Co. The Kissest Lip Lacquer Satin Fit "Beige Fatale"  |  Photos by Kenny

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