Titas Day Out

6/28/2016 03:41:00 PM

I had the privilege of being an honorary tita a few weekends ago when my mom and her college friends had a mini reunion. In the Filipino language, the word "tita" means aunt/auntie. Although we use this term loosely in conversational/slang ways like when we call our friends'/SO's moms (i.e. "Good afternoon po, tita."), or when you jokingly call your friend that when she acts like one (i.e. "Girl, you're so tita.") It's pronounced as "ti-" like in "tea time" + "ta" as in "tactless". Coincidentally, these two words are very much associated with being a tita, lol.

Lunching with my mom's group of friends was a first, since normally there's an unspoken rule that we don't hangout with each others' set of friends. I'm well aware that my parents have their own lives similar from what I have with my friends. There's a boundary that is acknowledged and respected. It's obvious that we may tend to act differently based on who we're with, and I guess that's something even my parents experience with their respective groups of friends.

Tbh, my parents don't even want our family to be friends on social media. I guess I'm fortunate enough to have parents who don't bother me to befriend them on Facebook. Saves us all from seeing things we might regret knowing about each other, lol. They tell me that it doesn't even matter that much anyways since they're rarely on Facebook (which is true). Also, they tell me that there's something called "space" that they want to give us online. If they want to talk to us, we have our cellphones with us, or we can always walk up to and talk to each other at home (also true).

Ironically, at my age now, my mom thought it was already okay to bring me along for her reunion. She thinks I'm old enough to understand what they're usually chatting about (family, life plans, money, kids' tuition, taxes, politics, travel, health). It was also a great way to learn how human and relatable they are even after all these years. Makes me think that I might be in my mom's shoes later on in my life, with me bringing my kids to lunch out with my friends and their kids, lol. That would be so ironically amusing!

In any case, for that lovely Sunday lunch with my mom's friends, I wore a casual outfit of what I think my mom normally wears. My mom and I love comfort over everything else. I always keep telling her that less is more whenever she asks for my opinion on what she should wear for the day. One thing we also have in common is our love for red and pink (interchangeably; we sometimes argue on who gets what item in which color). I, however, never outgrew my love for pink since it's softer and more youthful than red. So I wore a soft pink 3/4 sleeved top with white hand-me-down shorts from my mom (she loves white colored bottoms while I'm still just growing into it, sometimes quite literally in fact). I topped it off with basic sneakers and a bag to compliment the dominant color palette. The rule of 3rds doesn't only apply to photography, but to fashion as well. Picking 3 colors for your outfit's palette at most gives your ootd a more cohesive look overall. Trust me. This saves time in picking out what to wear in the morning.

I managed to snap a few photos of what we munched on during lunch in a Filipino-Hispanic restaurant called Corazon. It's coincidentally next to Stradivarius in Shangri-la mall's East Wing. Their scallops topped with melted mozzarella is hea-ven~! My tummy was very happy with everything we ate!

Stradivarius top and sneakers, Forever 21 bag, Mom's old shorts  |  Photos of me by my mom


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