Scarlet Red

6/12/2016 04:20:00 PM

While Kenny and I were taking my photos for this particular ootd, I didn't really think about what my outfit reminded me of. But when I was post-processing this set of photos, I was getting some Melisandre vibes. That, and some Wanda Maximoff feels with it. It's probably the color combo, or accessories (although I'm well aware that I'm not secretly an old lady under the choker necklace I'm sporting, lol). It would be pretty cool if ever I did have their magical/mutant powers! I wonder if the Lord of Light is listening, lol.

In any case, I've been really into shift dresses lately. This came about when I started commuting around Metro Manila more often than I used to. And as much as I love A-line bottoms, they can be hassling whenever it gets windy and I need to hop into a jeep. A Marilyn Monroe moment is the last thing I want happening to me when commuting. 

This particular dress that I got from Zalora is a perfect fit for everyday use. It's got a jersey-like feel to it so it's great for any weather (fresh for the hotter days, warm for cooler times). Matched it with a thin choker with a little pendant for a subtle statement. I've been particular with chokers as I am not blessed with a long neck, so thinner built necklaces/chokers look and feel more comfortable for me. Thinner neck accessories look more elegant and won't cut your neck short, making it universally flattering on anyone. Lucky are those who have longer necks though! I'm so jelly~ lol.

Anyhoo! I'd love to invite you to shop over at Zalora and use my code ZBAP0Qo to get a discount when you checkout for the first time! Zalora's packed with loads of great fashion finds and is the place to shop online in Asia! Go check it out now and happy shopping!

Yhansy choker necklace, Zalora collection dress, SM Parisian bag, Vans slip-ons  |  Photos by Kenny

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