Rusty and Draped

6/23/2016 02:30:00 PM

With the temperamental weather we've always been known to have here in Manila this time of the year, I've made it a habit to have a form of cover up with me whenever I go out. That is, if I'm wearing something that isn't already full-sleeves. Manila only has 2 kinds of weather: Sunny and Rainy. Sometimes we get them both on the same day, sometimes at the same time. With the humidity of our tropical country rising to the extremes, it's best to have an extra layer we can easily throw on and off our backs for convenience.

I've seen Margaret Zhang sport this kind of look before, and I've seen other popular personalities do the same with their coats, sweaters and blazers. They don't normally wear it like one normally does with their arms through the sleeves. Instead, they stroll along the posh streets of their cities with their coats draped effortlessly onto their shoulders, like a cape if you will. It looks so chic and downright elegant, granted your outerwear doesn't fly away while you walk or trot along. Not to mention, it's a safe way to keep potential thieves from getting their hands on your sling bags (They may as well get your coat, just not you bag).

I personally thought that this elegant effect depends on how broad your shoulder are, that it might be more difficult if you either have narrow shoulders or wider shoulders (I have the latter). But I soon discovered that it all depends on the kind of material and cut your outerwear is made off. I guess it all depends on how you sport it with confidence and make it work for your figure? Practice does make perfect. And in the words of Dorothy Wang, if you can make it through the day with your coat draped over your shoulders, you've pretty much made it. Lol!

Forever 21 denim jacket and dress, Veranoph choker, SM Parisian bag, Vans sneakers  |  Photos by Kenny

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