How to Dress Up Lounge Pants

6/29/2016 03:58:00 PM

Buffets are normally bitter-sweet places for me. On one hand, I love that they have a lot of good food options to choose from for a fixed price. On another hand, I don't like how their said good food can make me lose control and grow my waistline. With the boom of buffet restaurants here in Manila in the past three years, it's a no-brainer for me to choose comfy and relaxed pieces of clothing to wear whenever I get to eat in a buffet-style resto.

Jogger pants, sweatpants, draw-string pants, lounge pants, call them whatever you want, but they're one of my best friends for buffet parties. They're loose and comfy enough for you to eat all the food you wanna eat (especially if you're like me whose tummy is the first thing that gets bigger when food is consumed and weight is gained). Still wanting to look presentable enough for other activities, I want to avoid looking like a potato that just rolled out of bed without showering and just decided to step out of the house for a meal.

I dressed up my lounge pants by matching it with a classic longsleeved top for a more polished look that is still casual in a way. Added a black choker as a subtle accessory and matched that with black flats (who wears heels to a buffet anyways? lol). Dabbed some lipstick with a coral-to-orange tint for some color to my lips and I'm good to go! Minimal effort for a polished style even lazy girls can try! 

Uniqlo top, Yhansy choker, H&M lounge pants, SM Store flats, Sleek MakeUp Lip VIP semi-matte lipstick "Guest List" on lips


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