Couple Style: Earth tones and neutrals

6/18/2016 03:49:00 PM

Happy 62nd monthsary for us two!

These photos might be familiar since I might have used a couple of them in our 5 year anniversary posts (which you can read here and here). My, how time flies~ It feel like it was just yesterday that we were both studying in university, Kenny in DLSU, and me in DLS-CSB. I didn't even realize that we were clad in our school colors till I looked at these photos again, lol. Such loyalty.

I'm beginning to think that after 5+ years together,  somehow our brains are wired in the same wavelength since there are a lot of times when we're coincidentally twinning without knowledge (check out my Snapchat @justsephierojas for more of those!)

In any case, it was actually the first time we bought couple shoes together for our anniversary back in April. The Koreans and Japanese love the whole Couple OOTD thing with matching almost-everything when they dress up for the day. And Kenny and I wanted to do something like that only a bit more subtle. We decided to go for these classic black slip-on Vans that look unisex and are comfy as well (as anything Nike and Adidas is considered too mainstream now). About time, too. I was in desperate need of some casual black and white footwear since I retired my Chuck Taylors years ago. I guess I now know why people love Vans so much. I've been converted to the Vans side! Thinking if I should get myself more of these in other colors, y/n?

On me: SM GTW top, Stradivarius bag, SM Woman shorts, Vans shoes  |  On Kenny: Uniqlo shirt and jeans, Vans shoes

For more of our couple style posts, check out @bybunnybear on Instagram, or check them out here ;)

Love is when you can completely be yourself, goofy or not, and the other person loves you just the same. Peace out! :))

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