Mini Beauty Review: The Face Shop Character Sheet Mask

5/31/2016 12:00:00 PM

One of the things I learned in the past years is that moisturizing my skin is of utmost importance, regardless of where I am (may it be in a cold or tropical country). Sheet masks are a great way to pamper my skin and give them their needed dose of extra moisture that regular creams don't necessarily provide.

I've been hoarding sheet masks for a month now, so much so that all I need is actual time to get some R&R to sit back, relax, and mask on. I'm starting with this sheet mask that Kenny gave me over a month ago. His sister got it for free over at Face Shop and gave it to me since she doesn't use it. Oddly enough, most of my friends do the same since I think I'm the only one obsessed with these things - no complaints here though, lol. I've heard about this particular collection by Face Shop since it's quite different from the regular cotton mask sheets seen in the market. Their character mask sheets represent quirky designs featuring animal faces printed on the cotton mask. I know they have a tiger, dragon, dog, sheep, and a panda I think? I was curious enough to try it out (I got the sheep one).

If you follow me on Snapchat (justsephierojas), I already gave my two cents on this with a mini review that I posted last Sunday. But since Snapchat only lasts for 24 hours, it's all wiped out by now, so I'm sharing my two cents here for those who are interested in reading about it but didn't catch it then. I might do more mini beauty reviews over there since it's quicker to update than my blog, so feel free to follow me on Snapchat, lol! Anyhoo, let's get this mini review rolling:

Design: I was kinda expecting something cuter than what I saw based on the packaging's drawing of a sheep. So when I unravelled the folded mask sheet, I was pretty disappointed at the semi-creepy design it had. Personally I think it's more "halloween costume" than "cute animal" for my taste. When my mom saw me wearing this, she felt scared saying I looked like The Joker or something, lol.

Moisture: It was pretty moist for a cotton mask. I had to wipe my hands a lot as I tried applying it on my face. It was also really slippery. It's supposed to be laced with Hyaluronic acid + collagen dual solution which should help your skin retain more moisture and build firmness in the process. Normally, my skin reacts to a certain amount of collagen in beauty products, and as expected, I felt my skin sting lightly with this mask. (Note that my skin type is combination dry and sensitive in my cheeks while my T-zone is normally oily). Although I didn't experience any breakouts, I did notice that my skin felt a bit more firm compared to pre-mask.

Convenience: I'm pretty anal about how face masks are designed, noting how everyone has different face/head sizes. And like every other face mask, you're restricted to one position (laying on the bed or couch) while you mask on (which I'm not really fond of since I like multi-tasking or getting some work done while masking). I didn't like how the edge of the mask didn't stick long enough to my chin. The mask felt a little too big for me (to think I have a considerably average size of a face), so I wouldn't recommend this to those who have smaller faces. The nose and mouth part of the mask kept moving a lot while I talked as well, so I had numerous moments when I could taste the solution (blegh). I wish it was adjustable so I would feel more comfortable wearing it.

Price: I got mine for free, but I think it's around Php 95.00 each. Will I repurchase? Probably not.

(tl;dr) Final Verdict: I'd give it a 6/10. I like that the collagen solution didn't react badly on my skin. The design is not my type of "cute", though it's quite interesting enough for a selfie or two (or more). I think it's nice to try out if you get it for free, but if I would have to buy it for myself, I wouldn't, even if it's quite affordable/cheap. I think Face Shop's aloe vera mask sheets are a better set for repurchasing if you have normal to dry skin though.

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