May The Fourth Be With You

5/04/2016 04:24:00 PM

Kenny and I love Lego so much, he always asks me to build sets with him. I, of course, oblige because I wanna practice my toy photography in the process. Two birds with one stone, yes?

Anyhoo, these were taken a couple of months ago after we conveniently got all these mini figs together. Cheers to more opportunities like this!

May the Force be with you all!

Here's a bonus photo we took that shows how Mean Girls-like the Sith boys can be as well. Lol.

"You can't sit with us!"
"Everyday, we wear black... And capes. And a form of head gear."
"That saber hilt is so fetch!", "What the hell is 'fetch'?", "Oh, it's like slang. From Tatooine."

I can go at this all day, lol.

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