The Last Five Years: Kenny's Story

4/18/2016 05:43:00 PM

How we met...

It all began in Cue Drama Club where my intention was to both meet girls and continue the legacy of my sibling who is an alumni of the theatrical organization. Upon the first day of rehearsal I met Cedric, an upperclassman who was nice enough to explain to me the ways of the club by his experience. When the girls from other schools started pouring in, there she was... A cute little girl with her friend across the room not knowing what to do or who to talk to. Luckily Cedric's sister was a very close friend to them and it was very easy for him to make conversation. Sticking by Cedric, I was able to get the name of the cute little girl with the rosy cheeks: Sephie.

Fast forward to rehearsal days...

During rehearsals I'd most of the time find reasons to sit by her and just talk and ask for kwento (a Filipino term meaning "random stories"). But other than that though, I'd pretty much pick on her the way a little boy would pick on a girl he liked in kindergarten. As shallow as it seemed, I used that as a ruse to get close to her because I wasn't the most creative of sorts when trying to get to know a girl. I even went as far as sharing certain types of candy, lol. I would usually stare down at her with my face literally hovering over her head and be a soft bully about her cute bite-sized height. I always believed that since I was appearing to be a soft bully to her, that I wouldn't get the unnecessary attention of everyone assuming my intentions to get into a relationship with her. I didn't want anyone doing the whole "Treat her right bro, or it's your ass" or "Kayo na ba? (Are you guys together?) Did you make a move na?" and definitely none of the leaving us alone together to be awkward shit. I honestly didn't know if I wanted her to be my girlfriend then. All I knew for myself was that I wanted to get real close to her without anyone assuming anything more than that.

Post-drama club days...

After our drama club shows ended and there were no longer any reasons for me to see her, we decided to create a reason. Enter the letters; the letters that to this day serve as a staple of communication between the two of us when one of us is abroad for whatever reason and length of time. Before the letters became a thing though, we began regularly talking over the then most famous chatting platform YM (Yahoo Messenger was present pre-Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, etc). Through the long chats and endless kwento, I realized that I am seriously crushing on this girl. Not only did I tell her most of the stuff I couldn't tell anyone else but there was just something in the way she talks that made me want to get to know her even more. She's just so adorable.


Even though we regularly chatted, hindrances in our relationship were very regular in between the moment we met and the time we truly started dating. One thing that remained, however, was we both stayed in touch despite the obstacles. A connection that each of us simply could not resist.

College days...

Having studied in the school right next to hers, it was never too hard to make time to hang out and have lunch so I took as many of those chances as I could. Any outside person's perspective would think that it's odd for me to join them for lunch, wherever they ate. Be it McDonald's, Jollibee, Flaming Wings, Izakaya or even the SDA cafeteria itself, I always kept true to my baon-club philosophy because I would rather save the money for going out than for regularly eating out; but that's beside the point. My point is I would often go out of my way to eat lunch with her and whoever she brought along so long as I got to see her.

Valentine's day 2011...

The window was finally open. This was my chance to make a little more of what we were doing to answer the age old query everyone at the time had in their minds, "What are we?" It began Valentine's day 2011, I asked her to be my Valentine after giving her this old Valentine card I remember receiving from Nickelodeon after writing to them way back when. It had Oblina's (from Ahh! Real Monsters) lips as the main seal of the envelope and inside were various 90's Nicktoons all expressing the Valentine feels. I also sketched my own copy of Rocko (from Rocko's Modern Life) extremely hugging Spunky his little dog and included it in the envelope. Combine that with some Vday cookies and lunch at the nearest Japanese restaurant at the area (since it was a school day) and that truly made her day. Part of me wishes we were alone, but what the hell I took what I could get. It was after this day that we actually began giving each other hugs before either of us leave to go back to class or basically leaving in general. I would always have that moment of butterflies and good vibes springing inside me whenever we did. She would always give such warm hugs.

First Date...

I remember it fondly as too many memories erupted from this one event. It was our first time ever hanging out where it was just us, the first movie we ever watched together and a moment for me to pay for everything as should most gentlemen do on the first date (if not offer to pay for everything). We watched Adam Sandler's Just Go With It and there we determined our song "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. After the movie and several kwento here and there I treated her to Dairy Queen where we just talked and stayed in comfortable silence. I had to walk her back to her house early after since our date was.. well... not public at the time. Walking away from her house on my way home though, the song kept playing back in my head with thoughts of just us as if no one else was there.

Holding Hands and sweet kisses...

After hugs came holding hands. I didn't know what was going through my mind at the time, but I remember that moment very specifically. I was walking her back to class in SDA from Jollibee and since our arms kept bumping each other, I took it as a sign and went in to hold her hand. She grasped mine intimately and deep inside me, fireworks were exploding. It was as if my inner beings were shooting at the sky out of joy. I didn't want to let go when we finally got to her building but we both had to. I don't know if I was obviously blushing then, but I know I was pretty much distracted from the rest of the world when it happened. Even while in class, I couldn't concentrate anymore because it kept rewinding in my mind. Don't get me wrong, it's not the first time I've held another girl's hand, but for the first time it really meant something and that's when it counts.

A few weeks later, I shared my first kiss; with her lips against mine after my attempt to kiss her cheek post-goodbye hug failed, but in the most acceptable fashion. That very night when I got to my bed, I spent a good 30 minutes staring at my phone and thinking of that quick smack telling myself, "What'd she think of that? Did she like it? I did... Gaaaaah her lips are so soft.." Thoughts were gallivanting in my mind and I did not know how I was going to break the ice from there. Eventually we got around to talking about it and it was just sweet.


We definitely had something more than your typical friendship or best friendship. I would wait for her regularly after her class and ride home with her (my house was on the way to hers, plus it gives us time to be together). We would give each other the warmest of hugs and sweetest of kisses. We would talk, sleep, and eat in the car on the way home, but there was no label. For a time, I thought we didn't need it; that it was simply implied and would get around to everyone that we were together, but we both felt eventually that it had to be established.

We were about to have lunch at KFC with our friend Moses. Each of us bought food and were already sitting down on a table in an already very crowded KFC during the lunch rush in Taft. She was so bothered by the idea that she asked if we could talk for awhile outside leaving Moses in our 4-person table with 3 meals all by his lonesome. While we were talking the question of "What are we? What are we doing?" went into the conversation and though there are certain people who simply didn't think a label was necessary, apparently she was the kind to make certain of it. At the time I wasn't on the same train of thought since I had half the mind to believe that it was obvious, but that turned into an argument that eventually got resolved with a few more minutes of talking it over.

I can never forget the moment we got back to Moses as we apparently left him by himself in a crowded KFC with a near empty table with every other diner asking if anyone is sitting there. We owe him a lot for what we made him go through while we talked about our problems outside. That very same day was a half day in class for the both of us, so we left Taft early and spent the rest of the afternoon at her house.

We were watching TV when we both decided to take a stroll to the neighborhood park. In our little stroll we decided to bring up the conversation of labels once more to continue a conversation that had little resolve earlier in the day. We sat in the couple swing at the park while we were talking but most of it was just us being silent and slightly awkward. Then I thought to myself about the label thing. If I didn't stick it then any of us would have the right to date other people if we wanted. And neither of us wanted that. She was MINE! MINE I TELL YE!! D:< *clings to her*


Anyhoo, at that moment I asked her carefully and anxiously "Will you be my girlfriend?". It wasn't a long pause but she definitely said yes. *Shouts to the world "SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND!!!" but only thinking it* That afternoon ended with comfortable silence and your quintessential kisses with post-getting together vibes.


I believe our honeymoon lasted a good long while. In the span of 5 years being together, I would say more than half was definitely spent enjoying each other's company and sharing memories that any couple would cherish, so long as they were together. From the "best-" foods, peculiar nicknames, and endless hours watching movies, TV series and cartoons, we have gone through a lot together. Sharing the first time we said I love you to one another is an altogether different experience. Who would've thought she'd be saying it to me in Japanese and getting me to do the same without me knowing the English translation. I meant it in any language I could speak nonetheless.

Of course, not all relationships are perfect and despite enjoying a majority of the time we were together there will always be downs and bad times. The beautiful thing I find about our bad moments are we often find a way to resolve them immediately no matter what. As petty or as heavy as it is, we always try to make amends regardless of whose fault it was. That was, and still is, something I truly love about her. Despite being imperfect and committing mistakes, she would understand. And though I would always make amends first regardless if it was her fault or mine, I know she will also make the effort to resolve our differences.

Choices and Decisions...

It is not uncommon to have near-breakup moments. Couples of all sorts go through it whether they make it public or leave it private. Others would succumb to each others differences, while those who don't, surpass it. Whatever the challenges, it is the members of the couple's choice to leave, or stay and live the rest of their lives in regret or for the better. I for one am filled with regret at the idea of leaving each other. Such a waste of so many good memories for bad things that are done not as often.

I truly thought once that I felt out of love, but it was in those dark moments that you realize, once you turn away, there's no going back and it is indeed over. I couldn't take it. I wouldn't be able to live with so much regret for breaking an extremely good thing that has happened in my life. That's why I'm still with her. That's why I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. That's why we're celebrating our 5th anniversary of being together on the 18th of April 2016. Because despite all our differences, despite all our petty quarrels and all our quirks, I know we can get over them. I chose her because I want to be with her happily ever after until the end of my days.

Till forever ends.

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