Dreaming of the Sea

4/28/2016 01:41:00 AM

I'm experiencing some serious vacation sepanx (a Filipino slang term short for "separation anxiety") lately. Oddly missing the sea and salty air. I don't normally love vacationing by the beach since I don't like tanning so much (because if I tan, I have to change base makeup, which is a hassle, let's be honest). But the drinks by the seaside while watching the sunset, and the sea breeze hits your face to cool you down is very much welcome in my book! Anything for a bit of R&R~

Took these photos in our hotel room during my family's short weekend trip again to Bali over a long weekend last month. This was what I wore on the plane ride to Indonesia. I wore it with sneakers though, but I changed into sandals as soon as we got to our rooms so my feet could finally breathe. I was so prepared for the summer heat that I decided to wear something loose, comfy, and breezy even while on the cold plane ride. Oh Summer! Such a bitter-sweet season you are!

If this dress looks familiar, it's because it's the same one I sported in my previous style post on this blog. This time though, it's in a more "vacation mode" style than an "urban city life" style. Makes me love it even more since I can wear this dress anywhere (especially for my sufficient lazy days) with ease. Just slip it on and I'm good to go! Lol.

Forever 21 hat, Sesura dress, SM Parisian sandals

2016.03.24 for 03.23

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