Travel Diaries: Postcards from Bali 2015 part 1

3/23/2016 05:00:00 PM

Back in December last year, my family and I (sans my brother who couldn't get off of work) were fortunate enough to spend a week in Bali, Indonesia! The week before the holidays kicked in, we flew to the wonderfully tropical world of Bali to enjoy a nice, relaxing staycation. As much as we wanted to go around the area, we settled most of the time in our villa, eating and binging, relaxing and all that jazz. I was enjoying my days off so much that I didn't even whip my camera out as much as I thought I would for the whole week! (This was also before I got my new, lighter, smaller lens, so lugging around the ones I had back then in the heat wasn't really my idea of a nice tropic vacation). Fortunately, I got to test out my (then) new iPhone (that was supposed to be an early Christmas gift from my parents). So most of the photos in my Bali 2015 Travel Diaries were taken using my phone (unless stated otherwise). I won't give out much detail on this trip; I'll let the photos do the talking, lol!

2015 12 16

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