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It's been a while since I got this dress. I actually got it way back in December when I bought it on a whim thinking I can wear it to my Bali trip pre-holidays with my family. Unfortunately, the courier wasn't able to deliver it by the time I flew out (which, at the time, annoyed me so much), so I wasn't able to take it with me to the beach. Hoping to style it this March when I fly back to Bali again, though. Can't wait for that!

Fast forward to a couple of months later, I figured it's about time I wore it out either way than letting it collect dust in my closet. Though I might not have intended to wear this for the city (as I had purposely imagined wearing it as a cover-up at the seaside like how the shop catalogue suggested), I took up the challenge to style it for a casual day out with Kenny. I'll most definitely style this in other ways so you'll see this dress again in the future!

Tbh, I didn't really like this dress when I first saw it. Bell sleeves aren't really my thing as I always thought the 70's were one of those decades people wouldn't want to recreate after it's simmered down. Boy, am I wrong. As someone who doesn't want to strictly follow trends, bell sleeves are kinda wedging themselves into the spotlight in 2016 since the revival of the 70's is still going strong with the choker trend, bell-bottoms, and platforms/mules. 

I thought this dress reminded me of several things: (1) the mumus people wore to bed back in WWII, (2) a mumu, which is a Filipino term for ghost or white lady, (3) Wendy's night gown in Peter Pan, (4) a top they wore to the disco, (5) or Elizabeth Swan's night gown when she was kidnapped by Capt. Barbosa in Pirate's of the Caribbean. 

Surprisingly, I fell for the loose relaxed cut and lace-up detail of this dress that after I returned to the store for the 3rd time, I bought it. The force was strong with this dress, I guess. Paired it first with white sneakers, and matched it with my backpack for a nice casual, school girl look. It's nice how this dress actually gives me thoughts and feelings of traveling through time and space just by how it looks. Now if only I had an actual Starbucks in my hand with me, lol!

Verano dress, Stradivarius bag and shoes  |  Photos by Kenny

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