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3/17/2016 03:52:00 PM

Staying true to the title of this post, Kenny and I took these photos in just (or probably less than) a minute one night when we passed by Shangri-la mall to pick up my birthday gift for him. Before we went home, I asked him to very quickly take my photos for me. I was keeping in mind that OOTD's are to be taken as they literally are − as an outfit of the day. I felt that at this point in my blogging life, I want to take photos of how I really do dress up (or down) on the daily, regardless of if ever I planned to put a little more effort to dress for the day, or not make an effort at all (as mis-matched clothes are unavoidable at times; let's be honest, it happens to the best of us as well). 

On the day these photos were taken, I made do with a dressed down look. Contrary to popular belief, just because you blog about your personal style doesn't mean you have to always look double-tap Instagram photo-ready. Considering the place I live in and its climate and environment, I have to keep in mind that I should dress in a practical way for the day: with a shirt, a flowy skirt, a backpack to lug around my camera with ease, and sneakers. I wish I could dress up fancier in our city, though. Like how people do in colder countries. But just thinking about what it's like to commute in ol' humid Metro Manila (it's the total opposite of how commute is like in Korea, Japan, Singapore or Hong Kong) in my considerably "nice" clothes just makes me cringe and pout like when Cher Horowitz got a drink spilled on her satin shoes at Travis' party. It is so not fetch looking like you literally just bathed in your own sweat...

It's already halfway through March, and Summer is already here. I have to say goodbye to my long sleeves and layers for now and resurrect anything that can give me more room to move in and breathe (as I also admit that I have noticeably gained a few pounds over the past couple of months; my dad has been cooking more often again and it's making us all gain weight as we gorge on his wonderful cooking, ugh so bittersweet!) So I'll be keeping my pants and warm clothes for now while trying to find outfits that can be "Manila Commute-Friendly". In the meantime, this is me after a not-so-bad-but-it-could-be-worse commute trying to look fresh and alive for the camera (the sooner we got the shots, the less time people will stare) when all I wanted was a nice cold shower and some R&R, lol. Oh, Summer heat. I didn't miss you at all.

Baleno shirt, Stradivarius bag, Adidas watch, Skechers shoes  |  Photos by Kenny.  2016.03.15

PS: Thanks to Kenny for taking my photos, and who still loves me, sweaty, gross, and all, lol.

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