What a blazer can do to your outfit

2/12/2016 04:24:00 AM

After weeks and weeks of not being able to see each other, my high school friends and I (who last saw each other back before Christmas last year) were finally able to hangout once again! With the Chinese New Year long weekend graciously bestowed upon us (thank God for long weekends), we took the opportunity to schedule a mini bonding session talking about anything and everything we can chat, discuss, and even gossip about, lol. On that afternoon though, I had a scheduled dentist appointment (annual teeth cleaning is something I always look forward too since my dentist keeps my teeth properly in check) so I was only able to catch up to them by late in the afternoon. Better late than never, I guess?

It's always great to see my friends all this time. You really know you're set for life with them when you see them again after so long and it's like nothing changes (even though your hairstyles, fashion, and makeup do), lol. It felt pretty surreal talking about things like work (more so at some point last year), this or that (Zayn Malik or Harry Styles?), politics (who will you vote for?), and who in our group is going to get married first? I have to admit, even I'm curious about that last part, mainly because I kinda don't want to be the first one to scratch that off the bucket list, and I kinda want to enjoy attending my friends' weddings first (as a non-married friend) before I plan for my own, haha! Not yet sure if we're at the point in our lives to even get married yet. I mean, back in our parents' time, you're kinda expected to be married before 30 while nowadays, it's perfectly fine if ever you don't get married at all. Who knows what the future holds?

On another note, I wanted to try my new lens out (and really see if I can take ootds in tight places) and I figured Den-den can help me out with that. Fortunately, it worked just as I expected it to! As I said before, I'm open to repeating outfits as my closet isn't a bottomless pit of clothes. Everything I'm wearing here, I already wore before. My top (here), shorts (here), bag (too many to mention), and blazer (here) have all been worn numerous times before (some times I didn't have the opportunity to document for my blog). 

At first, I wasn't really planning on throwing on the blazer with the outfit because I was about to reach for a black cardigan instead as I thought I should pattern it off with my black sneakers and the black stripes of my top. But then I realized, heck, a blazer will make this outfit less frumpy-looking and more clean-cut. Less lazy-casual, but (hopefully) more chic. And in a way, it also showed more juxtaposition with the sneakers and shorts I'm wearing. I'm glad it helped me stand out more against the background as well. Bonus points for letting my little friend look extra cute peeking out of my blazer's pocket, too. Haha! All in all, I guess it was a good decision to ditch the cardigan for a blazer for that instant outfit upgrade. I'll file that realization under "a future note to self".

SM Woman blazer, Happymallow top, Forever 21 bag, Next shorts, Skechers shoes  |  Photos by Den-den

2016 02 06

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