No grand gesture needed

2/14/2016 06:01:00 PM

As much as I love watching movies where the guy always showers their lady love with grand gestures and over-the-top gifts, I'm not expecting those things to happen in real life. Maybe because I personally think love can be expressed in any way or form, from a simple smile and thank you, to a hug and a nice meal out, to being a gentleman opening the doors for ladies, to cute doodles for each other. As long as your heart is in the right place when making these tiny gestures of love, who needs expensive bouquets of flowers and fancy dinners with equally pricey gifts? 

Kenny and I recently celebrated our 5th Valentine's day together. Five years ago, back when we were in college, he asked me out for Valentine's Day. I had an 8am class that ended at 11am, and I had a 3 hour break till my next class after lunch, so I agreed to meet him for lunch. Little did I know he was planning to give me a really sweet surprise for Valentine's day, lol. 

He gave me a doodle of Rocko (of Rocko's Modern Life) hugging Spunky, some Cello's doughnuts, and a really yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie after lunch as we chatted away till my friends dropped by. I still didn't want to assume back then if he wanted me to be his Valentine, but before he left for his class (which started earlier than mine) we shared a really long hug and he asked me to be his Valentine. "Kilig", which is a Filipino term that doesn't have any direct translation to English or any language but roughly means your heart was fluttering with excitement, was an understatement for me (and I would assume, for the both of us).

Five years later, he gave me a sunflower that he planted weeks ago, chocolate-covered strawberries (my favorite), and a giant strawberry in jell-o saying "No matter how much it jiggles, the strawberry stays in place, like our love." lololololol. And just like our love, they all taste sweet~

Speaking of sweet, so much thanks to my family for surprising me with a Toblerone bar! I opened my door to see this greeting me outside, lol! I almost toppled over it before realizing it was staring right at my door, haha! Nothing like giving people good food to show them your love~

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