His and Hers: Yin Yang Couple styling

2/25/2016 06:16:00 PM

It's amazing how fast time flies, especially when you're having a lot of fun. I didn't notice how fast time flew for the both of us, especially since today marks the 5th anniversary since Kenny asked me out for our first date together. 

I still remember how he asked me over Yahoo messenger chat (lol, do kids these days even know what that was? Can't even wrap my head around the idea that back then, Facebook chat didn't exist yet.) if I wanted to hangout for the afternoon since it was a Friday holiday (ESDA revolution anniversary also fell on the 25th of February; little did I know that we were both making our own historical thing on that day as well). After a few minutes thinking about how I was going to sneak out of the house to hangout with my best friend for a while without getting caught by my parents who were out of town for most of that day, I agreed to go out and hangout with him. I won't delve too deep into the details on what else happened on our first date for now. Perhaps I'll share more about it in the future, lol.

On another note, these photos were taken back during Valentine's day weekend after we had our traditional lunch with my family. I told Kenny that we haven't had a couple shoot in ages due to schedule differences and time constraints that I thought it's about time we changed it up again.

This shoot's theme was centered more on black and white. Kinda reminds me of how we both are so Yin and Yang. So different but so complimentary of each other. Hope we get to have more photos like these in the future again! I always enjoy taking our couple photos since I'm very meticulous as to how I want it to look and feel. So much so that Kenny keeps teasing me that it might be difficult for us to find someone who'll be able to take photos of us for us later on, lol. I sure do hope that won't be the case, because I'd want to have someone I trust behind the lens from time to time so I can actually concentrate on being in front of it, lololol.

PS: This set of photos also officially mark our first set of photos together where Kenny is braces-free! Though he has to wear his retainers till further notice, he can take those off any ways, so yey!

On me: Forever 21 cardigan, Uniqlo dress, Stradivarius heels  |  On Kenny: H&M button down, Uniqlo undershirt and pants, Adidas shoes  |  Photos of me by Kenny, Photos of us by me

To the Yin made for my Yang, cheers to taking the first step, asking me out 5 years ago today. Here's to till forever ends my love!


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