Starting with the Basics

1/19/2016 04:05:00 PM

First ootd taken in 2016. These were quickly taken post-thanksgiving mass, pre-dinner time after all the new years' hubub and all that jazz, hence the sort of lazy outfit, bare face, and lack of abundant sunlight.

This is basically (no pun intended) what I wear on the daily to work and everywhere else since they're, well, basics. Commuting in Metro Manila is far from fun and easy (ever heard of Carmageddon?), and dressing up is the last thing I want to do when I commute. Sticking to the basics has saved my derrière (and spared me a few more minutes of sleep in the morning) countless of times because I don't have to think too hard about what I have to wear for the day. As long as it's comfortable and presentable, I'm game. I just resort to mixing different colors into the equation just to make it look like I actually made an effort to dress up for the day and not look like I literally woke up like that. Funny how this is the total opposite of how I dressed up back in university when I actually started this blog. It's probably an age thing, I'm assuming. As you get older, you tend to stick to a certain formula of how you dress up once you know you're comfortable in it. And there's nothing bad about that.

On another note, until I get pancake lens, I'll most likely be documenting my ootds using my phone. It's not about how outstandingly amazing your photos are anyways, I'm just doing this for the sake of documenting my choice in clothing at this certain point in my life, lol. Here's me kicking it back old school for now~

Forever 21 cardigan, Bershka bag, Pazzo jeans, Stradivarius shoes  |  Photos thanks to my dad

2016 01 01

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