Repeating Outfits

12/04/2015 03:43:00 PM

SM Woman blazer and top, Stradivarius shoes  |  Photos by Kenny

It seems like I've been chasing sunlight for these past few weeks. As much as I appreciate the colder weather (hello December! And yey, I can start layering clothes again!), I kinda feel bitter-sweet about the earlier sunsets. I get to experiment with different light set-ups, but it causes me to play cat-and-mouse with it too. This set of photos were not any different. I had to squeeze this session right after the Banila Co. event (which you can read all about here) because I didn't want to put such a nice outfit to waste, lol. I asked Kenny to quickly take my photos before the sun set completely. Thank God we were at a high floor in Marco Polo hotel in Ortigas, so sunlight was still sorta enough to seep in through the floor-to-ceiling windows in one of the function rooms next door. Unfortunately, even my nifty fifty couldn't handle the crawling twilight (or lack of sunlight) at the time, hence the abundant grain in the photos. Although it's not that noticeable in the mobile version, I'm guessing? I would like to think that these photos were taken using a disposable camera instead since the grain provided such feels. I guess I could try thinking positively about this, haha!

As for this ootd, I seriously didn't have time (or a perfectly good reason) to shop for new clothes for the event that I can still wear for any other occasion (plus unnecessary spending is something I'm trying to avoid). So I had to tap my brain for a good-enough outfit that can be found right in my closet. Luckily for me, I have my blog that I can use as basis to figure out how I can mix and match the stuff I already have in order to make other outfit combos. Guess having a blog is sorta like having a digital closet as well, haha!

Everything I'm wearing in this post, I already wore in other outfit posts (more than once for some, tbh). The blazer I'm wearing, I also wore here. My top, I wore here, and even wore it together with the same skirt here. I wore the skirt sooo long ago here as well. I wore these shoes here and here. I'm really glad I can successfully use my clothes and maximize their use since that's what they're supposed to be for. Recycling clothes is something I'm not ashamed of doing. The true test of a piece of clothing is knowing if it truly is an investment or not. How many times can you use it with the other clothes/accessories you already have without needing to buy something else for it? If you can use it multiple times, it's worth the investment. It's always worth thinking over and over before making a decision instead of going with the immediate thought of "I need this in my life!" or something. Do you really need it? Or do you only think you need it?

In any case, I'm just glad I was able to combine this outfit together. I didn't have time to make a back up plan in case it didn't work out. Thinking about it now though, I'd probably just wear a dress instead? Probably the same one here or here. Hahaha!

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