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11/19/2015 07:48:00 PM

Forever 21 cardigan, Elle Poupee shirt, SM Store shorts, Stradivarius shoes  |  Photos by Kenny

The cat's out of the bag, and it's about time it got out! Banila Co's officially in Manila!! I can't express how ecstatic I am that it was such a successful grand opening last weekend with all the events, special guest appearances, wonderful help, and appreciated eye-candy from the Banila Co. Korea team who flew in for the event.

Pardon the semi-tired look (okay, really tired look), but I tried my best to still document my ootd for said event. Thank God Kenny was with me to grab my attention from falling asleep. I'm glad I was able to learn a thing or two from celebrity makeup artist, and Banila Co's resident head MUA, Mr. Kim Kang Pil, during his makeup tutorial demos that showed how to use Banila Co. products to their full potential.

I'm also super happy to have the opportunity to wear Banila Co. products as they 150% work so well on Asian skin. I've been wearing them for the past months as seen on my Snapchat (add me @justsephierojas/Sephie Rojas to see real-time updates!) and on my recent blog posts as well, and I'm happy to finally get that perfect "no makeup" makeup look down pat using products that actually work! I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on my everyday makeup look (which is pretty much what I sport for blog photos and such), but what do you think (regardless of my tired eyes, lolol)?

In the meantime, I'll be catching up on some well deserved rest in a few days after a few more days of work. Cannot wait for a much-awaited vacation!

Visit Banila Co's first store on the 2F of Glorietta 4, near Jipan, Bambu, Cheesecake Etc, and Roy&Biv! For more up-tp-date news, check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

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