Happymallow: Chasing Sunsets

11/25/2015 02:18:00 PM

SM GTW blazer, Happymallow top, Stradivarius bag and heels  |  Photos by Kenny

Pardon the grainy photos. Kenny and I were experiencing some trouble looking for a good enough location to shoot this outfit in while literally chasing the sunlight in the process. With the seasons changing, it gets more difficult figuring out the sun's schedule on when it decides to set, and how fast it's going to say goodbye for the day. We originally had an area in mind which wasn't that far from where we were, but when we got there, we discovered it was occupied by a row of cars (darn the party guests nearby for taking my ootd location with their fancy cars lined up *waves fist in the air accusingly* D:). It took us a few minutes to regroup and settle for one of the houses nearby who conveniently had a nice clean white look that wouldn't clash with my outfit at all. By then, however, it was literally sunset (golden hour flew by so fast), so we tried our best in taking whatever photos we could.

If you follow me on Snapchat (justsephierojas/Sephie Rojas), you would know how frustrated I felt on this day that I'm beginning to think this blue blazer I'm sporting here is semi-cursed. The last time I wore it (which you can see here) I experienced a similar situation as well. I'm thinking if I should sell it or donate it soon..

In any case, this is basically my second item from Happymallow, a k-style online store run by a cutie patootie girl named Farrah (who coincidentally went to the same university as I did, lol). I've been caught stocking up on numerous striped pieces recently that I couldn't help but buy this lovely striped top from her as well (and I got a black one with it too)! One can't have too many striped clothing, as I would say, lolol. Matched this basic piece with a cobalt blue blazer from long ago, and a supposedly similar shade of blue skirt that oddly turned out to be more navy blue than royal blue due to the setting sunlight. Was originally thinking of slipping into my white sneakers only to end up choosing my black ankle strapped heels instead when I realized I already wore my sneakers in my previous look. I guess the heels gave off a more classy feel for this outfit, which worked really well if I do say so myself. If only my tolerance for heels was better, I'd wear this to work for sure. I guess I can settle for flats for now.

  (.   .)o

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  1. Beautiful photos! I hate when people get in the way of a perfect location though aha <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. Photos still came out beautifully <3
    She Will Be

  3. It's one of the annoying (and possibly stressful) situations bloggers unfortunately face. The struggle of looking for a plan B is real, lol! :)) Thanks Izzy! Happy these shots turned out ok as well ^_^


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