Banila Co. is Finally in Manila!

11/30/2015 05:24:00 PM

Korea's multi-awarded cosmetic brand has finally landed in Manila! It's an understatement for me to say I'm excited, but I'm immensely ecstatic that I don't have to fly out abroad to get my hands on Korea's #1 brand for base makeup since Banila Co. is now here! *cue confetti* Yes, that's right. Banila Co. officially opened their first branch in Glorietta 4 in Makati, marking it's first ever store in the Philippines. I've been interested in them for a while now and I have to say I think I'm in love with their products. But before I ramble on about how much I have Banila Co. fever, I'll let you guys in on what happened when they had their launch last Monday.

So their official launching event was held in Marco Polo hotel in Ortigas, Pasig, and as soon as I entered the events area, I was floored at how pretty the set-up was! I've never been to any event that had this kind of set-up and I was trying to stop myself from going a little trigger-happy with my camera, lol! The ceiling was amazingly decorated with an array of giant pink balloons (GUYS, GIANT. PINK. BALLOONS!!) hanging in rows overhead with long black ribbons tied to them. The stage was adorned with different shades of pink and white streamers, something I learned was based on Banila Co's colors − super cute!! It was like something I would've wanted to have in my dream debut, hahaha! Tables were graced with elegant but simple flower centerpieces that I wanted to take home myself. Later on, I heard that the ones responsible for the decor was a group called Party Magic; I'm definitely taking note of them for future event plans! You can check their site out here for more info.

I came in a little early so I could snap some photos before everyone else arrived, and I'm glad I did so, avoiding the crowds and all. So while I was going around the back area, I found out that Banila Co. arranged a few stands for us guests to check out. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't use basic stalls or tables to showcase their products, but they actually set up these really cute Ice Cream/Popcorn stands where their different collections were laid out. Super cool!

The first one I saw was their 10th Anniversary cart where they showed their Top 10 Products. They even had these cute descriptions for you to read about each and every product there.

I've heard a lot of really great reviews about their Clean it Zero, and I even bought one for myself! It's seriously a life-changer. I've definitely converted to the balm side, haha! I used to rely on just plain ol' liquid makeup remover (and at some point I used baby oil), but I had difficulty removing my eye makeup that I was so scared to rub my eye makeup off because it might cause wrinkles in the long run. But thanks to Clean it Zero, everything can be removed in less than a minute! I'll probably make a full review on this soon.

This CC cream is a GOD-SENT. I fortunately met Jon and Cathy Lim, Banila Co. Philippines' Managing Directors who generously shared with me the achievements of this specific CC cream. It's Korea's first ever water-based CC cream and has been the #1 CC cream in Korea for 3 straight years! So far, it's had around 8 awards including best CC cream in Get it Beauty (the TV show where experts rank and review beauty products). I also learned that since it's water-based, it's perfect for tropical countries like the Philippines as well, and it's even compatible with oily skin. I was able to get my hands on one a few months ago through a friend who visited Korea, and ever since then, I don't wear any other form of makeup on my face to make myself look better. It really does the trick in minimizing redness on my face plus it makes my skin look naturally healthier than usual. I'll also make a full review on this soon!

So many lippies to choose from, so little time! I'm thinking these are perfect holiday gift ideas for Kris Kringles.

Meet my ultimate secret for making my makeup last longer and look waaaay better than usual. Their Prime Primer collection is indeed a definite must-have in anyone's beauty kit. At first I was hesitant to invest in a primer since I originally didn't see the prime (lol, no pun intended) use for such a thing. But after trying it out and seeing the huge difference it makes in my makeup game, I'm confident that I can brave through the hot and humid weather of Manila without having to be conscious of the status of my makeup if it's caking or smudging in any way. I honestly have to say it's every makeup-loving girl's dream in a bottle. 

Later that day, we all discovered how perfect these eyeliner pencils were as they were demonstrated by Banila Co's Chief Makeup Artist, Kim Kang Pil. He drew at the back of his hand with these pencils, and sprayed water on it, tried to smudge it, but alas! It was to no use because the eyeliner stayed in place like nothing happened! I think I know what I'm wearing to the beach soon~ I'm also thinking this is gonna be great when I watch a sad movie. At least I won't have to worry about my eye makeup smudging when the waterworks come, lololol.

Another cool part that I saw was the Photo Challenge. They gave us these cute maps where a quest was asked of us to complete. Basically, we hop from one area to another, snap selfies, upload to our Instagram accounts, tag @banilacoph with the hashtag #PHlovesBanilaCo and we get a chance to win a Fall in Seoul Collection kit or the Tinted Love kit at the end of the day! They even provided 3 boxes ala Barbie box for the 3 personalities from Fall in Seoul where we can snap photos. What I loved most were the quirky cute props they had nearby. Giant lipstick fight anyone? Haha!

Saw the UMAP members with Mr. Kim Kang Pil and Ms. Heena, his translator. Don't they look beautiful? *o* Makes me believe in Korean cosmetics even more if I'll shine like they do like that, lol! You can also take photos by the Banila Co tarp for a different background like the UMAP members here.

Once you upload it on your IG following the instructions, your photos will instantly be printed out as another form of a souvenir! No more falling in line for those cramped photobooths for this one! Totally cool!

The Fall in Seoul booth was one of the favorite of everyone there. I kept seeing guests gather around here while checking everything out all at once. I can't blame them. I'd love to take home the whole cart myself! Check out the cool packaging!

Like I mentioned, Fall in Seoul collection holds 3 different personalities. What's more interesting is that each personality represents a certain area in Seoul. I got to chat with Banila Co. Philippines' Marketing Associate while I was roaming around, and she conveniently shed some light on this collection. 

First off: Garosu, based on Garosu-gil (literally means "tree-lined street"), shows a more feminine, trendy, sophisticated, chic look with its natural palette and pinkish lips. Secondly: Hongdae, based on Hongdae Street where the universities and art museums are located, shows a fun, unique, funky feel with lots of colors that will surely add that wanted "pop" to complete your look. And lastly: Bukchon, based on Bukchon Hanok Village where the traditional old houses line the area (think, Intramuros in Manila), shows a perfect mix of that soft sultry makeup with a modern twist that will surely leave you looking gorgeous to say the least.

Personally, I believe a girl can have multiple personalities. And because of that, I can't help but fall in love (no pun intended) with each of the 3 different personalities. This makes me want each item of this collection even more!

Another reason why a lot of the girls flocked towards the area was because one of Banila Co's Makeup Artists (and Mr. Kim Kang Pil's assistant), Mr. Jeong Ho Seok was having mini makeup demos then and there using products from the Fall in Seoul collection. What a way to test drive the products, yeah? I was so tempted to ask him to groom my brows but I was insanely shiny, so I passed on that. Maybe next time?

They have the Fall in Seoul Collection kit where it includes a mascara, an eye shadow palette, and a lipstick of your choice. Can I get this for Christmas, please? Haha!

Spotted the lovely Ara Mina in the event as well!

More gift ideas! Saw the Tinted Love kit at the event, and I'm surely gonna see these fly off the shelves this Holiday season! Maybe something I'd give to my friends and family?

As a huge fan of the gradient lip look, I was fairly impressed that they had How To instructions at the Tinted Love vanity booth too! It's so simple to do, I saw a lot of people trying it out then and there. I'm in love with their Melting Balm as it's enough to moisturize my lips on its own. It's also pigmented enough (as it's a tinted lip balm, actually) that at times I don't need to wear lipstick over it anymore. Two birds with one stone!

Their water tints are also covetable! I tried them out with bare lips so the tint blends on my lips better, then topped it off with the Melting Balm 02 Sugar Kiss to moisturize afterwards, and I was good to go! It looks so natural, I felt like I literally had pretty just-bitten lips! These tints work really well as cheek tints too. They give a very natural flush when lightly tapped on your cheeks.

Sam Oh was graciously hosting the event, getting in tune with her Korean roots. Mr. Kim Chang Soo, Banila Co's CEO, also graced the event. He gave a speech in Korean which Sam translated into English opening the event proper.

The event continued with Mr. Kang Pil having 2 makeup demos on stage. Hee Na translated while Mr. Ho Seok assisted him. Their first demo showed how to get the natural dewy glow perfect for the "no makeup" makeup look everyday. He also showed us how to maximize the Triple Auto Gel Liner and the Clean it Zero.

Mr. Kang Pil's second demo showed us how to look glam for an evening look after work. One thing he stressed in both looks is that we should always keep in mind that a little goes a long way. "Point makeup" is very much a thing in the Korean makeup game where they only focus on one feature at a time. If eyes are the focus, lips are donned with nude lippies or a more natural pink. If the lips are sporting bold colors, the eyes aren't dramatic. They don't like wearing full makeup because they feel that you have to focus on a better skin care routine for a better bare canvas so you don't have to cover up much. The less makeup you put on your face, the better. The more naturally pretty you look by using makeup to highlight your key features, the better.

They even had waiters carrying trays of Clean it Zero and Kiss Collector propped on the tables after the demo so the guests can experience themselves how the products work. So we can draw on our hands using the Kiss Collector and wipe it off with the Clean it Zero. It's so cool!! Not photographed here is the Triple Auto Gel Liner, I think someone took it while everyone was arranging the stuff for the photo, but we had a chance to see how waterproof and smudge proof it really was, I was incredibly impressed!

Later that afternoon, the winners were awarded with their very own Tinted Love kits and Fall in Seoul Collection kit. Pretty mommy blogger, Melly Ricks, was one of the winners of the Tinted Love kit as well, closing the program. 

Kenny and I fortunately got a photo with Mr. Kim Chang Soo before he left, and I will forever treasure this experience in my heart! They are all so sweet and accommodating, I can't wait to see them again some day!

Congratulations to Banila Co. for a hugely successful event! Cheers to your future plans and may this be a great start to your wonderful adventures! 

바닐라코, 아자아자 화이팅!

Visit Banila Co's first ever Philippine branch over at the 2F of Glorietta 4 near Jipan and Roy&Biv. For more updates, feel free to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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