Feeling like it's Autumn

10/11/2015 07:35:00 PM

Forever 21 necklaces and bag, SM Woman top and blazer, Pazzo jeans, Stradivarius shoes  |  Photos by Kenny

Well, would you look at this? An actual outfit post! Forgive me for the lack of updates on this blog, but I've been quite busy with my offline life lately that all my efforts have been directed towards it and less on my blog (though I have been active on my Instagram and Snapchat accounts which you can follow me @justsephierojas for both) It's either work or sleep these days so I can work again. Is this the life of an actual adult? If it is, then okay, now I understand the whole "I can't Adult today." memes, haha!


Was supposed to go to a meeting on the day I wore this outfit, but it ended up being rescheduled to a farther location, so my bosses told us that we don't need to go if it's too much of a hassle for us to commute (bless their hearts for that sentiment!) And since I didn't want to waste such a perfectly good outfit (especially since I even wore makeup to work when normally I skip it since the only one who sees me the whole day is basically my laptop and I doubt it actually appreciates me wearing makeup or working with a bare face, lol), I decided to have this ootd documented anyways. 

I met up with le boyfriend later that evening for a nice dinner out with my parents whom we rendezvous-ed with after they steered through the horrendous traffic of Metro Manila that evening. Felt like Fall was slowly creeping its way into my heart these days as I literally dress up for it since our office is experiencing the change in temperature as well (I always leave my scarf at work for emergency situations where I can't feel my neck anymore from the cold). If only the great outdoors of Metro Manila would agree to take a chill pill so we can all finally enjoy a consistent pace of the much-awaited snuggle weather once and for all. But God knows that's probably gonna take a while longer than we all hoped for. Boo...

In other news! Hello new layout (again) and hair (again)! Was feeling a bit unsatisfied for both my blog layout and hair length that I was itching for a nice but quick change. Chopped my hair off once again (as I noticed I've been doing so every last quarter of the year for the past 3 years) to a nice lob, and I gotta say it suits me better than sporting long hair, don't you agree? Easier to style, easier to manage. Easier to live with, lol! As for the blog? Hmm.. Well I'm currently happy with this one for now (even though bugs are coming in and out for whatever reason as usual), so I guess I'm gonna keep it till I'm not satisfied again. 

  (.   .)o

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  1. I love your outfit!


  2. Love your blazer jacket! Great photos!


  3. Thanks Abigail Alice! I do wish the blazer came in other colors. They only had this available :(


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