Self-Portraits: Chapeu Noir et Lèvres Rouges

9/13/2015 09:06:00 PM

Grainy photos are one of my usual pet peeves in photography. So much so that I'd normally shy away from it. But for this set of self-portraits, I made an exception. Felt like it added a bit of retro effect to it (at least I hope it's not just me), lol. Woke up on a nice relaxed Saturday morning that inspired me to do a quick self-portrait session pre-morning coffee with no layers of base makeup or coverage whatsoever, and just slathered on a nice layer or two of red lipstick. Grabbed a nice cozy white sweater and wore it over my PJs then topped the whole thing off with a nice black chapeau. Et voila! Cozy and Chic! Can you say "C'est magnifique"?

  (.   .)o

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  1. Yeah I agree, these photos definitely aren't grainy in a bad way, it gives them a character <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. I really love how these photos came out, grain and all! I agree with Izzy that it gives them character. Also you have this aura about you that's both charming and sexy but also really innocent??? HOW

  3. Oh my gosh these photos came out stunning! The graininess gave them this vintage classic Hollywood feel <3
    She Will Be

  4. Awww! Thanks Izzy! Glad you liked them! XD

  5. That's so great! I was kinda going towards that direction! Yey! *~\(^ w ^)/~*

  6. If I try to break it down, I'm guessing Red lip + a little leg = sexy, black hat + little peek = charming, and white sweater = innocence? LOL I'm not so sure, hahaha! Thanks bb!! I'm loving how these photos came out too! Currently my fave set of self-portraits <333


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