Travel Diaries: Phuket 2015 - Phuket FantaSea

7/28/2015 07:05:00 PM

Here's something we did for the first time in our 3rd trip to Phuket. We finally watched the much loved cultural show called FantaSea. It was about 45 mins to an hour drive (chartered by the hotel's service) from our place to the mini theme park located atop a hill. We didn't really know much about Thailand's history, so this time around, we figured we should see what they had to offer.

Thailand offers 2 cultural shows for tourists to enjoy: the serious one (unfortunately I forget the name - I'll edit this post once I remember), and FantaSea which was considered a more "fun" show. Both, I heard, showcases the history of Thailand in a fairytale manner, with the help of animal acts, dances, light shows, and the like. Unfortunately, they don't allow mobile phones and cameras in the theater. If you bring them with you, they will require you to deposit your cameras and phones to their authorities located in booths (that are like a bowling shoes rental stall) as you enter the theater. Their security is very strict; they really check your bags and pockets in case you're hiding your gadgets before entering. 

Because photography isn't allowed during the show (due to the illusions, lights, and animals involved in the production), you will be able to focus more on what's happening on stage and everywhere else. You can get your gadgets back after the show as you exit the theater. Since we decided not to bring my camera anymore, we resorted to using my dad's Samsung Note 4 and my brother's Samsung Galaxy S5 in taking these photos instead just so we can capture some of the areas we had time to roam around in.

The park is open from day to night, just like any theme park. However, since we were really only there to watch the show, we decided to go at night instead (and savor the beach time during the day). I'm sure this place would've been just as cute during the day. I was just a bit surprised that they didn't have any rides (like roller coasters, merry-go-round, etc.) I was so used to associating the word "theme park" with the likes of Disney and Universal Studios. FantaSea is more of a sight-seeing, shows and events kind of theme park. Probably like Ocean Park and the like. My apologies if the photos aren't as high quality as I wanted them to be. A camera phone can only do so much for now as opposed to professional lens and such. Night photography is indeed a totally different field, lol. Perhaps in the future, this post would serve as a good throwback on how technology was in 2015, har har.

The show in itself was really cute. It was held in the Palace of the Elephants near the back part of the park from the entrance and numerous people came in early to fall in line for the show. I appreciated it more (albeit it wasn't as coordinated as I wanted it to be) because I know how hard it is to practice for these kinds of things (thanks to the theater experience I had circa 2008). All the more challenging since they had to train with live elephants and other animals for the show. If you're into these kinds of things, I'm sure you'd like this show (plus you can get a photo with baby tigers before the show starts, lol).

If you want more information about Phuket FantaSea, you can check out their website here.

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  1. Oh, wow everything looks so bright and colorful! I'd be grinning to ear to ear if I was there! The atmosphere just looks amazing <3
    She Will Be

  2. It was really nice walking around. I felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland, Thailand version, lol! :)))

  3. lovely post!

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    Jess |

  4. Such a beautiful post! You are so lucky to be there seeing it in person :D your blog is amazing! xx

    elizabeth |


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