Travel Diaries: Phuket 2015 - I Donut Care (at the Premium Outlet)

7/12/2015 08:06:00 PM

You know the feeling when you're traveling and you get to a place where you see such beautiful areas/spots that are all too perfect to serve as a background for your ootd, and it breaks your heart to choose among all of them which one you'll solely have as a background for your post? I get that a lot. This post is no exception. It's been the second time I've visited Phuket's premium outlet (you can read about my first experience here). I didn't take photos of the shops in the area anymore as there were not many changes that occurred since my previous visit. But this was the first time I actually took into account that I'd wanna take my ootd photos here. I counted 4 spots that I considered to be "ootd worthy", and since I didn't wanna choose, I went for all of them, lol! Blending in the background, or standing out? The statement on my top says it all.

The main problem we have whenever we visit Thailand is transportation. It's not like in Orlando where we can just rent a car and drive to wherever we wish to go (besides the fact that the Philippines also drives on the right-hand side of the road like in America; Thailand drives like the UK or Hong Kong). Fortunately for us, there are a number of taxi stands in our area so city trips can be arranged via the concierge (although I observed that communicating in English with anyone besides those working in the hotel industry can still be a challenge at times, so patience is very much needed). 

Since we're not completely familiar with the area, and the place we stay in isn't near the main city, it always costs us quite a lot just to get to where we wanna go. That's why whenever we go anywhere (like the premium outlet, or grocery shopping, or church on Sunday), we make sure that we make the most out of the time we get to travel to wherever we want/need to. I gotta say though, Phuket has a lot of nice locations to take ootds in. 

The weather was just as bi-polar there as it is in Manila. It rained so hard when we were in the premium outlets during the peak of lunchtime, but was scorching hot again a couple of minutes after. When I asked my mom and my brother to take these photos for me, we had to do it really quick or we'll all melt under the afternoon sun. Thankfully, after this, we hopped back into the taxi, went grocery shopping, and hit the beach to cool off in time for the sunset. In the meantime, I'll take note of these 4 spots till my next Phuket visit. Hopefully next time I'm here, it wouldn't be as insanely hot, haha!

Penshoppe top, Vintage shorts, Stradivarius bag and shoes, Sunnies Studios sunnies

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