Travel Diaries: Phuket 2015 - Arrival

7/10/2015 08:00:00 PM

Storms are lining up to get to my country these days, and as much as I can't ignore the dark skies and never-ending rainfall in Manila lately (so much for outdoor ootds *tears*), I thought of diverting my attention with the help of my recent travel photos from a few months ago. My family and I travelled to Phuket, Thailand again back in early May for a much-needed vacation. As usual, we stayed there for a week. We would've loved to stay a few days more, but my parents were all "We need to work to pay off the bills, hon" (point taken). Thailand was just like home. Hot, humid, but with a beautiful private beach that was just 5 minutes away from our room. I'll talk about it more in my succeeding travel posts.

For the first time, I didn't wear denim pants to the airport. I've always thought they were pretty constricting, wearing skinny jeans while sitting in a plane for n number of hours. I was finally able to convince my parents that in order to lighten the load of my suitcase, I can always wear a conservative dress to the airport and to church when we get to our destination. They agreed knowing it would help me a lot since I've been known to overpack at times, lol.

White waiting for our plane to Phuket, I prodded my mom to take my photos for me at the airport. I didn't really wanna wear any makeup since I figured I'd be too lazy to retouch or remove it later in the day after being so tired from flying. So I covered myself up with a pair of sunnies instead. In this trip though, I ended up bringing a few pairs of them along. I'm going to the beach anyways, lol!

Sunnies Studios sunnies, Gap sweater, GTW by SM dress, Forever 21 bag, Stradivarius shoes

Somehow, for the past two instances we traveled to Phuket, we manage to arrive in the evening. This time though, we got to check in at around dinner time, so their welcoming committee was still able to serve some drinks and refreshments for us as we checked in. They also slipped these bracelets onto our wrists when we arrived. Little did we know these were hand-woven by their local craftsmen as a token for visiting their area. Truly, a heart-warming thing to hear after traveling from far away.

  (.   .)o

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